Split 12" Agathocles, /H.407 is fucking out!

12 years after CD version of this split by Apathic View Production, finally 12-inch vinyl comes from DIY cooperation between Alternative Record Label, Extreme Terror Production , Grindfather Productions and NIC Records.Everyone knows Agathocles, so no need to long introduction of this living underground legend! Their side in short: a live set from 28 February 1997 in Tongerlo/Belgium – great setlist (including “Kill your fucking idols”, “Trust? Not me!”, “Cheers mankind cheers” & more, 11 songs in total) and strong micecore/grindcore sound quality. This was the line-up from “Thanks for yur hostility” and “Humarrogance” times so you know what to … Continue reading Split 12" Agathocles, /H.407 is fucking out!

Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

I never liked live recordings, because most of them sounds very dirty… Same thing with this split. But that is not the point, the point is a friendship. Both bands used their old material to do a split in the name of friendship and mutual respect. But, I got this tape for review, so that`s what I’m gonna do right now.   The recording of Matka Teresa was made at Bloodchet Fest, back in 2013. Like most live records, this one is raw and dirty, but somehow it doesn’t sound like total garbage. I can clearly hear vocals, drums and … Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

Archagathus / Terror Firmer

Well boys and girls today we will mince our ears with this nasty split. You all perfectly know (I hope so) both bands, both of them are pretty famous and these punks know how to create good catchy noises. A cooperation of 13 (!!!) labels managed to press two different versions of this 10”, regular black and lovely pink one (I got a pink one). I can only say that this dirty audio madness is like a good portion of alcohol, it brings you so much fun… And I will try to explain to you why. Let’s go in order … Continue reading Archagathus / Terror Firmer

Mugrind – Beautiful Hell Community

In the year 2016 Spanish duo Mugrind released their second work. The work got a name “Beautiful Hell Community”. The whole album concentrated on very serious themes, the lyric side of this album is pretty tight and I really like it. I especially enjoy the art of the insert (the artist perfectly conveyed the atmosphere foolish greed of corporations). But that’s all I can write about good side of “Beautiful Hell Community”. The main art perfectly fits in the name of the album, but from the other side it’s deadly boring. I`m pretty sure that guys spend a lot of … Continue reading Mugrind – Beautiful Hell Community

Matka Teresa / Multinational Corporations

One of the main things in the underground Grind scene is a multicountry friendship. Just look at this small and short split from two bands, who live in two countries on two different sides of our rotten globe. By the way this lathe cut split is limited to only 60 copies (so act fast if you want one for your collection) and this stuff was released in collaboration of 3 label (UK, Netherlands and Russia). But let’s end with introductions and let’s dig into this noise. From visual side this 5” has a pretty interesting cover. The cover contains so … Continue reading Matka Teresa / Multinational Corporations

Maticrust – Inhumane World Deprivation

It`s time to pull one more interesting and not well known band into the information flow. Those who were at the OEF last year were able to see what these filipinos guys are capable of. And as recently guys released their first full album “Inhumane World Deprivation ” I want to write a few words about it. This noisy crustgrind is soaked with acute social themes, in their songs guys speak about many human sins… I know that the photos from local war conflicts were used for the cover art (it`s not even new topic but death and war are … Continue reading Maticrust – Inhumane World Deprivation

Cruel Face / Matka Teresa split!

OUT NOW!CRUEL FACE/MATKA TERESA split tapeSuth America(Peru)version:AHORCASSETTES RECORDSahorcassettes@gmail.com Later;Asia(Indonesia)version:CKPYNGIDEA RECORDS:doni.toda@gmail.com Europe version:EXTREME TERROR PRODUCTION(NL)krytycznasytuacja@interia.plGRIND FATHER PRODUCTION(UK)grindfather.prod@gmail.com Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa split!

Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

As you may know, music underground is a cheerful and friendly place. People in this community help each other in different ways, and I think this is great! Here is another proof of “underground friendship” – 8 labels gathered and published this split together. This modest seven-inch vinyl includes two excellent bands: international team Matka Teresa and Polish guys from Suffering Mind! Our lives are poisoned with all types of crap that surrounds us… Our minds are infected with information disease. All those bastards want to make us to do what we do not like – to fight, to die. … Continue reading Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")