I don’t know why but it seems Canadians won’t stop…this nation has so much energy that there is no place where to spend it. So people are creating new bands or continue to play, or reunite in different “play loud drum fast” bands. Here is a great examle of releasing of such an excessive energy.Existench songs are just as raw and stinky as the smoke that they featured on the cover. This band has a lot of releases behind its back, and its history is very interesting as well. The sound might be weak and soft, but the songs sound … Continue reading Existench/Deboned

Very last news from Grindfather for 2016!

SxOxTxEx – t-shirtExistench – – t-shirt Agathocles/Existench – split 7″ Couple Skate/Girth – split 12″ Agathocles – Bulldozind Bucharest – live tape Archagathus/Haggus – split 7″ Foe more info just write to: grindfather.prod@gmail.com Continue reading Very last news from Grindfather for 2016!

Skunk/Existench split 7"

Hm I think it’s already third purely Canadian split that I review this year. But this only proves that canadian scene is growing and nothing can stop it. On this piece of plastic we can see crusters Skunk and old grinders Existench (this is their first record after reunion). Externals of this split look very pretty. Good and sharp social theme (yep today it wouldn’t surprise anyone but the artist did a very good job) All this biological remains, worms, chemical factory on background all this stuff designed in best traditions. Skunk are first one, they begin this split. I … Continue reading Skunk/Existench split 7"