New Six-Score album out now!

You can order this album thru: WooAAargh, Bloody Lips Records, Prejudice Me Records, Vleesklak Records, Hardcore For The Losers, Featherlight Records, Hecatombe Records, Epileptic Media, EveryDayHate, TKxPV Records, High Five, Laissez-faire!, Aktiver Aufstand In Plastik Continue reading New Six-Score album out now!

Evisorax- Isle of Dogs (Epileptic Media)

If you take a close look at the UK, then you will probably see that the people living there is very strange. Even in the famous cartoon Obelix says something like “Those Brits are absolutely out of their minds.” And it’s not just their food and sports, this madness has penetrated into music as well. Today I will discuss the debut work of crazy guys from Evisorax. The big surprise for me was to get this cassette, since they all were sold long time ago, there were only 40 (!) of them.This unremarkable, pink coloured cassette, in fact, turns out … Continue reading Evisorax- Isle of Dogs (Epileptic Media)

Epileptic Media!

“I started Epileptic Media in 2009 out of the ashes of me previous diy-label Noise Park Activities.This diy.operation is not bound to any genre or dogma, I try to release music I like and meet new label loosing cool bands to bigger labels since 2009! loosing money since forever to support the underground! luvin it. donate a little if you want to support, will keep the machine running!”LINKS:Epileptic Media blog Epileptic Media fbEpileptic Media bcORDERING INFO: If you want to order some of my releases please contact me at epilepticmedia(at)gmail(dot)com.For bigger orders I will only send packages insured, you will receive … Continue reading Epileptic Media!

Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun

Waa, what I’ve got! Fresh Italian band – Always Never Fun with their self-titled album! The wave of powerviolence has blown up from pole to pole with great impetuosity and left post-apocalyptic hell behind! What’s interesting is that I couldn’t find any demo of this band on internet , so they started with solid piece of work indeed! Actually, it could have turned out to be an undue risk…but, in this case it morphed into a pretty good job. I never expected the package from Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec would be that large-sized… I was very surprised with the ample quantity of releases, … Continue reading Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun

Faršas – Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga (Epileptic Media)

“Hello, do you have a minute to talk about our God – grindcore?” Oh, I’ve been waiting for this release for so long. Their previous album Bėdų Turgus got me really hooked! And the time has come and finally Epileptic Media showed us a photo with a ready-to-go release! Of course, I got this tape in my possession after a while. For starters, let’s disappoint a bit those who expected the same Faršas as we heard last year. Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga is different in many things, different song style, such as the sound, the bass here sounds more like guitar. Overall … Continue reading Faršas – Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga (Epileptic Media)