EntröpiaH – Hundida Existencia (Hecatombe Records)

These piranhas will eat your flesh and will make a holes in your nice grind shirt haha!) So beware because today, I listened to the debut album from Spanish rebels EntröpiaH! So lets take a first look at this release. Hmmm…. I guess the artist that made the cover art has a strange love of corpses on the sea bottom, ahaha… The front, back and guts of this CD layout are filled with lovely creepy pictures. What I first noticed while listening to this album was the powerful old roots influence. I clearly feel an inspiration the band takes from … Continue reading EntröpiaH – Hundida Existencia (Hecatombe Records)

split Entropiah/Test!

This split will be out pretty soon at:  – Hecatombe Records (Almeria, Spain)– No Humano Records (Zaragoza, Spain)– Base Record Production (Alicante, Spain)– Grindfather Productions (UK)– Lazybones Records (Brazil)– Raw recs (Brazil)– 255 recs (Brazil)– Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina)– Clandestine Productions (Mexico) Continue reading split Entropiah/Test!