Infested Art!

GGGG continues to familiarize you with different grind artists. This time I want to draw your attention to a very nice guy Jasper Swerts. This guy stands behind famous Infested Art (and believe me, he knows how to draw badass arts). His works are characterized by their gloomy style. As you can see he worked with bands like Phobia, Wormrot, PLF, Fubar… etc. I strongly recommend to visit his WEBSITE! Continue reading Infested Art!


Founded on 28/ 07/ 1990, 5.30 am, straight after seeing a show with Pungent Stench, Atrocity & Carcass– Based in Rostock, Baltic Sea Coast, Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Germany– 1st show in 08/ 1991– 1st rehearsaldemo in 1991– 1st vinyl-release in 1992– Released several split-tapes, split-ep`s, split-lp`s, split-cd`s, one own ep & 2 albums (2004 & 2013), dozens of compilationtapes,- ep`s, -lp`s,- cd`s– Played about 350 shows in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Wales, USA, Brazil & Peru– Brazil tours with Rot in 1997 & 2000– USA tour with Catheter in 2004 Entrails Massacre fb    … Continue reading ENTRAILS MASSACRE!

Entrails Massacre – Alienation Anarchism (Power it Up)

For a simple everyman good ol’ Germany will always be a vast silent island in the middle of European boiling whirlwind, world’s leader in making beer and cars. But this silence is only an illusion, and you wanna know why? Because Entrails Massacre, that’s why! Last couple years this band was very active and released an album and some splits. This year they made a new EP called Alienation Anarchism… Released by well-know and respected label Power It Up. 7 murderous tracks fits a pretty rare and unusual format, 6-inch vinyl! To be honest, I like to keep this vinyl … Continue reading Entrails Massacre – Alienation Anarchism (Power it Up)

Entrails Massacre – Decline Of Our Century (Power it Up)

Old German label Power It Up continues to joy exigent listeners with its new blasting release! Now it is a new album of German veterans Entrails Massacre! They worked really hard on their second album and it took 9 years to finish it! Decline of Our Century revived my interest to this band.Ok, let’s start with the cover. The artist that worked on this cover is a famous and talented Jasper Swerts. He expressed every human’s filth that social life have had for a long time. Rotten religion, damned popes, constantly lying politics, illnesses that consume our world, war that, … Continue reading Entrails Massacre – Decline Of Our Century (Power it Up)

Entrails Massacre (15.12.13)

Hi, Daniel! Tell us about your new album, please. What fans that didn’t hear it yet should expect of it? And what feedback did you get?High 5! Well, our new album is called “Decline of our century” and it got first released as an 11” LP in September, followed by the CD version containing 8 bonustracks right now in the beginning of December. Both of it, 11” LP & CD are out on Power it up Records ( You can expect 20 tracks of crazy, ultrafast grindcore with absolutely insane vocals…pure passion for blastbeats, highspeed & hatefilled aggression. Until now … Continue reading Entrails Massacre (15.12.13)