Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

As you may know, music underground is a cheerful and friendly place. People in this community help each other in different ways, and I think this is great! Here is another proof of “underground friendship” – 8 labels gathered and published this split together. This modest seven-inch vinyl includes two excellent bands: international team Matka Teresa and Polish guys from Suffering Mind! Our lives are poisoned with all types of crap that surrounds us… Our minds are infected with information disease. All those bastards want to make us to do what we do not like – to fight, to die. … Continue reading Matka Teresa & Suffering Mind (Split 7")

Paralyzed Society / Shutdown

In the good old tradition of grind / crust / noise / pv bands love to make splits. The result of this love I now happy to hold in my hands. Two continents meet each other on this tape. Good old Europe and the US. Designed in classic dark colors, the cover image shows us a house after a heavy bombing, that should make it clear even for very stupid person, that work of both bands are connected with the social topic. Unfortunately this is the last current release from Paralyzed Society, guys probably concentrated their affords on Matka Teresa and … Continue reading Paralyzed Society / Shutdown