Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project (Dead Heroes rec)

It has been years since this album was released, I wanted this LP so much, but only this year I got a chance to get this beautiful beast, haha! Yeah I know, all the bands on this release are bloody good, I don’t need to go into detail about them… But the names were not the first thing that caught my eye. Look at this artwork, this image is absolutely killer! It was made by Szymon Siech ( and this work perfectly fits with this noise and incredibly conveys the atmosphere of madness from all 4 bands. But, enough about … Continue reading Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project (Dead Heroes rec)

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Agathocles – “To Serve.. To Protect” Tape Oniku “Bokujou” Tape Disturbanve Project – “Grita Mientras Puedas” SMG/Confusion – Split Tape 908 “S/T EP I & S/T EP II” Tape  Cut To Fit – “The Doors Of Deception” Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Cruel Face / Disturbance Project

This split represents an evil portion of grindcore that will cleanse your body and your mind from unnecessary and bad thoughts. Damn, the noise content of this split completely match its cover … these vivid sounds are like a soundtrack of the riots. I think that the artist felt the same way and redistributed these emotions and mood into his artwork. The first ones to knock out all the shit from your brains will be Brazilian guys Cruel Face. After their reunion, guys got back down to business pretty fast and keep release new stuff for their listeners enjoyment. 4 … Continue reading Cruel Face / Disturbance Project

Disturbance Project – Grita Mientras Puedas CD

Some people start their day with coffee, other people – visiting the toilet, and some people even with booze… My day has started with this new CD from Spanish cowboys Disturbance Project! For a long time these guys were silent, and now on the verge of 2013-2014 they recorded 25 tracks. These songs are nothing new but from their splits, thoroughly re-recorded and went right to listeners. As I said it a hundred times, many bands record their songs with pretty flat and lifeless sound, but DP made their recording just right. I recommend to listen to it full volume … Continue reading Disturbance Project – Grita Mientras Puedas CD