Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Well, at last this moment has come for me. I have to wear bathrobe to dismember and remove the corpses from the house. They occupy too much space, so there soon will be no place to dump fresh ones! How nice to ship still warm body of a young and attractive girl in a truck, when good old goregrind plays! Ah, I starve for beer now!)While I write these words, my player yells and roars, the good old split Oxidised Razor / Autophagia.This CD was released by Mexican label Diablos rec.This split starts with my old friends Oxidised Razor! Once the sound rushes in, … Continue reading Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Greed & Livstid split CD

Today I would like to tell you about two great bands from completely different parts of the world. First one is a Mexican band GreeD and the second one is Norwegian band Livstid. They have met in a CD called “Broken World”, also designed as a gatefold with an interesting info list where you can find all the lyrics, so you can scream along with them bands, heh)To be honest, to me Mexico always was a country of drug cartels, tequila, huge cacti, guys in sombreros playing some sick gore/pornogrind, but crustgrind… I’ve never heard anything like that from this … Continue reading Greed & Livstid split CD

Sadistic Acts Of Depravity – 4 Way Split CD!

Sadistic Acts of Depravity is one of the most sick and perverted splits in 2013! 4 band from every part of the world! Bulgaria, France, Japan and USA. It was released by Mexican label Diablos Rec. And the artwork is one of the things that make this 4-way split really crazy. Pretty disgusting cover, with a lot of worms, dicks, mutant who has vagina instead of mouth… Blood and gore included, hehe) Also I should note that special feature of this split is a gradual increase of speed, from pretty slow to very fast, almost grindcore-style songs! The first band … Continue reading Sadistic Acts Of Depravity – 4 Way Split CD!