Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Dusting off my record to cover this sick little split from Danish Hardcore freaks Extended Suicide, and Swedish Powerviolence maniacs Noll IQ! This cover art really catches the eye. But, not necessarily for the art. No, moreso because of the vibrant yellow color of the sleeve itself. As for the actual art, it’s your usual Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence imagery. A crowd of people in Gas masks, with one particular figure looming g over the rest. And what seems like a bouquet of knives and needles fanned out behind him. Enough about the visuals though, that isn’t what you came for. Starting things … Continue reading Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Kluster Fuck – Crazymaker

At first the cover art seems to be crap but if you take a closer look at it, you will catch a great sense in it. Something like “by judging others we don’t see how we are mistaken” … or, probably, it was about “wrong, rotten view on world”. But besides the cover there are some other things which we should pay attention to. For example, look at the color of this vinyl, it is a beautiful piece of green. Take it in your hands, feel the weight of this thing, and then carefully turn it around, can you seeit? … Continue reading Kluster Fuck – Crazymaker