The band took off in the early 87′ with members playing death metal covers and doing some original songs. With Azizi-guitar, Yazid-guitar, Dol-bass and Maiden-drums. This line up did few jamming but no releases as some members quit and join other death metal acts. Then the bands took off again with another line up with Dol switching to drums and Botak of Living Corpse zine’ editor as vocals. They add Zul in bass and did a reh/demo “Mastectomy” in the early 90′.Although the sound turn out bad they received good response from the underground listeners. After that reh/demo the bands … Continue reading DEMISOR!

Demisor (12.05.15)

Hi, buddy! How’re you doing? Hi Alex! Doing good but kindda pretty busy with family and work now. Let’s get back to the past. Couple of years ago you did a tour in Europe. Was it a pleasant experience? Don’t you want to do it again? Oh yes! We toured Europe in 2012. It was the peak highlight for all the members actually. It’s been a while since we toured all over again as a band. Of course, if we were given the chance. We’ll do it all over again. As I rememer, your guitar player left the band… That’s … Continue reading Demisor (12.05.15)