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Deterioration/Inopexia Split Tape Fiend “Derailed” Tape Warfair? – “From Inception To Disentigration – Discography”  Tape Excruciating Terror – “Legacy Of Terror Sessions” Tape Deterioration – “The Power Of Positive Thinking” Tape Deboned – Demo tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!


I don’t know why but it seems Canadians won’t stop…this nation has so much energy that there is no place where to spend it. So people are creating new bands or continue to play, or reunite in different “play loud drum fast” bands. Here is a great examle of releasing of such an excessive energy.Existench songs are just as raw and stinky as the smoke that they featured on the cover. This band has a lot of releases behind its back, and its history is very interesting as well. The sound might be weak and soft, but the songs sound … Continue reading Existench/Deboned

Deboned / Striver

Oh, these canadians, they can make you laugh! Just look at the cover art, ahaha. What an unattractive woman, and this drunk naked and dirty man is supposed to be her boyfriend, ahaha!) I open it and there in “thanks” part I see «no thanks to Devost for spoiling Star Wars», oh, I remember that moment, Deboned vocalist have made some fun of Disney SW fans, ahahah!) Hm, I went offtop, sorry… in short this is a split with two good canadian bands which was released by force of bunch of labels all over the world (which shows that by … Continue reading Deboned / Striver


Deboned formed in late 2012 with Etienne on guitar, P-A on bass and Alex on vocals. Later on, in early 2013, Yan X would join on drums to complete the band. After a few rehearsals, Deboned was born and ready to do their first show with Death Metal legends, Vital Remains. After that show, the guys entered the studio to record their self-titled demo CDr released by the end of the year on Human Disgrace Records.Receiving an great response on the internet, Deboned started to play for most part outside of their area. After a few gigs in Trois-Rivières and … Continue reading DEBONED!