Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasm (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

I was mildly surprised by a knock at my door. Not knowing whom it was I answer to find my mailman with a parcel for me. Not sure what to expect I open it to find it is from the fellas in Cadaveric Spasm! So here I am sitting down at my computer popping in their split with Clit Eastwood. The cover art is rather intriguing. Showing what looks like people being fed into a meat grinder, that’s been forced into the ear of a giant head which is vomiting up the ground remains. But, enough about this obscure image. … Continue reading Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasm (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Gastroschisis – Demo 2018

I think this is the very first band from Malta, ever on our page. It’s always nice to see, our small noisy world grow and thrive. Since this squad is new, I should maybe give a little bit of background first, for you guys… Gastroschisis was born is the middle of spring in 2016, by 3 sick friends, Gabriel (drums), Chris (bass) and Daniel (guitars). A little bit of practise and our boys managed to create and record 3 nasty songs. The heroes of our story here has a very greedy approach to old death metal, grindcore, beer, and horror … Continue reading Gastroschisis – Demo 2018

Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

I dont know what humans tastes like, but I’m sure the guys from GSR knows! I believe thats the reason our friends dedicated a whole album, to this appetizing theme haha)). During their 18 years together, GSR has pleased us with high quality noise, and I was stoked to hear news about this new album, well when it finally arrived in the mail, I felt happy and exited as a small kid again. Needless to say, I opened it immediately, and there it was, a massive chunk of hard paper and plastic. The visual side of this CD just impressed … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

Splat – Dead Fucking Bodies (Viscera Records)

Yep… it was so long ago when I had a chance to review something that really sounds bad. Today I will be suffering from noises of the guys who are totally in love with old zombie films. Splat is a band (I believe that I can call it that, totally unknown) with a drum program in the background whose sound reminds me of Noise, more than anything that can be named Goregrind. However this small CDr release has a pretty lovely cover with Leatherface on it (unfortunately that didn’t help to make this release better). Sadly, these guys used damn … Continue reading Splat – Dead Fucking Bodies (Viscera Records)

Slave To The Grind (21.03.18)

Hi Doug! Finally we managed to have this small talk. Thank you so much for that, well how are you man? Whats new? This is a big week for us! We are launching our trailer and poster today as well as announcing our World Premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on April 21st. Expect daily festival appearance announcements throughout the rest of the week. – Let`s begin from the start, when did you have the idea of creating a Grind documentary visit your head? Why is this genre so special to you? When I was finishing up Never Enough, … Continue reading Slave To The Grind (21.03.18)

Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld

Today I am going back to the theme of one man projects. Personally for me it’s a pretty hard topic because it’s unbelievably difficult to create something really memorable, something interesting with only 1 mind at the helm. We all know a lot of bad examples, but also we know a few great one man bands. Well today I want to talk about German band Corpseeater. That project has a few releases and is not very well known at all. But, the guy managed to create something interesting and nasty and that’s why I’m writing these words. Yes you can … Continue reading Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld