FesterDecay – Reality Rotten To The Core

After releasing demos, splits and singles, the Japanese gore-revivalists known as FesterDecay finally arrived at the deadly appointment with their debut album! The weirdos will serve you delicious, rotting and gory grindcore plates from the menu of “Reality Rotten To The Core”. Tasty! Get a copy from everlastingspew.com Continue reading FesterDecay – Reality Rotten To The Core

Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Good day Max! I hope you`re doing well. How the things with the label going on? Hello Alex. I hope you are safe and doing well during this horrible time.As for 625, things are going relatively well, although the recent increase in manufacturing costs, postage, etc has been really difficult. When I first started, I could make an EP for about $1.50 USD which I could then wholesale for $2.00. Now, Eps cost about $6-7 USD to manufacture, which means by the time they get to stores, the mark-up is the equivalent to $12-15 or sometimes even $20 with postage. … Continue reading Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

FesterDecay is a Japanese grind machine that was formed 8 years ago. The boys profess the cult of the old-school genres like gore, death metal, and grindcore. In the first two years, they released two demos that were re-released by Grindfather prod last year. Carcasses Revenge consists of raw material that was recorded in 2016-2017, all in all, 10 songs of pure brutality and fun! This cover art is a tribute to the iconic “Reek of Putrefaction” album. Absolutely disgusting collage of many humans remains… that will definitely scare “normal people”, haha! Generally, material from both demos was created in … Continue reading FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

Rotten Sound (16.02.23)

Hi Keijo, hope you`re doing well! What is Rotten Sound busy with now? Right now we play a few shows with Wormrot (last one is today) and then we fly to Lithuania to play InFeast. We have also been busy with promotion and upcoming tour/fest bookings, arrangements and announcements. My sincere congrats on a new album. Let`s talk about it a bit. How much did it take you to finish all the songs? How much beer did you drink during the whole studio process? Thank you! Music was done in 1,5-2 years, lyrics took another year (both with lot of … Continue reading Rotten Sound (16.02.23)

Cystgurgle / Hit​-​Run Drivers / Metrorrhagia / Pyosis

Let`s blast this boring morning with solid gore tunes! Right now I`m putting a massive 4-way split in my old Harman Kardon FL8350. A split that will wake up my neighbors and me, haha! We have here Cystgurgle from Thailand, Hit​-​Run Drivers, Metrorrhagia, and Pyosis from the different corners of the USA. So let`s begin! Cystgurgle starts with a dirty wall of blastbeats and ultra-distorted vocals. This material is more gorenoise (dark side) of this band. Everything is messed up, the guitar is horribly cluttered, you can only hear the sonorous sound of the snare drum (actually, it sounds more … Continue reading Cystgurgle / Hit​-​Run Drivers / Metrorrhagia / Pyosis