UxDxS – Too Fast For Love

And here we are again with another great Danish band. UxDxS represents all grind power of Copenhagen! But this band is still in the shadow, and I feel that I need to fix it. This band was formed almost 10 years ago, in their discography they have only two EP. “Too Fast For Love” is their first work, it was released in 2014, if I remember it right there was a small run of tapes, and that’s all. But last year New York label Haunted Hotel Records released it again, but this time on vinyl. Must say it`s very good … Continue reading UxDxS – Too Fast For Love


Swedish grindcore act Sickrecy, short for sick-secrecy, meaning that we as people under our rulers are on a need-to-know basis and we clearly don’t need to know anything but to obey and pay, was formed in late 2019/early 2020 by Martin Eriksson who soon teamed up with Marcus Dahl and Adde Mitroulis to make the foundation of Sickrecy. Adde Mitroulis, well known from bands such as Birdflesh and General Surgery is no stranger in this line of duty, With numerous albums on his conscience and three releases in 2021, he clearly knows how to handle a microphone and his vocals … Continue reading Sickrecy!

Basic Torture Procedure / Nyctophagia

We didn`t talk too much about goregrind the last few months, I think we need to change it. Here is an interesting split tape with bands from Ohio and Texas. Basic Torture Procedure is a trio, but unfortunately, these guys split up. But they left some nice releases, it will be great if you could check them too. As for Nyctophagia this is mostly a one-man band, Dylan always has cool guest musicians involved in this mess. This is a short info for you. The good thing is that both bands play pretty much different music, which helps to make … Continue reading Basic Torture Procedure / Nyctophagia

VHS – Deep Gashes And Long Lashes

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome back VHS with the new album “Deep Gashes And Long Lashes”! Plot Twist! This is a tribute to the bizarrely beautiful giallo films from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. VHS present an audible homage to the thrilling and bombastic music that accompanies the on-screen violence & beautiful setpieces, as well as a salute to the gorgeous woman that met a grisly end. You can order a copy from hpgd.bandcamp.com Continue reading VHS – Deep Gashes And Long Lashes

The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

“The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst of Backwoods Butcher Records” CD is now available. Six savage spools of fast as-fuck underground blasphemy conveniently collected on one indestructible digital disc. Six brilliant mutations of chainsaw punk rock, unapologetically-ignorant grindcore and abhorrent death thrash presented complete and unedited; each has been properly mastered to accentuate the primitive crushing power of the original recordings. Includes the demo tapes of SKITKATEDRAL, RANCOROUS SLOG, TELEKINETIC DECAPITATION, IGNORANT CORPSE, GAMMA-GERAT and CEMETERY FUNGUS compiled on one meaty slab of skull-pulverizing polycarbonate. This is the perfect soundtrack for fucking off, dying and remaining dead forever. You can listen to … Continue reading The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

Eraser / Your Kid’s On Fire

Today my player will spin a really bloody split with two wonderful bands! Let me introduce them to you… Eraser is an old-school grindcore project from Italy. YKOF – old-timers from the US, sweet and rotten deathgrind. This stuff is really promising, so let`s play it loud! Let`s begin this evening with Italian boys Eraser. I remember their previous album, with that noise guys managed to get the attention of many grind freaks. Here we have 3 brand new songs… This material is close enough to their debut album and that is cool. Total old-school grindcore with a strong stench … Continue reading Eraser / Your Kid’s On Fire

Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Bodyrot became a really pleasant discovery for me! This small band from British Columbia literary smashed me with their debut EP “Fleshworks”. Boys managed to combine the best parts from all kinds of old-school grindcore. And no, nobody paid me for this review, haha! I think the guys chose a pretty gory image for this release. An exhumation of the mummy of an Indian guy… but maybe guys wanted to point us to the problem of the native people in Canada? Don`t really know, but anyway this small cassette is hiding a fucking evil tunes! Small epic intro, and then … Continue reading Bodyrot – Fleshworks