Jack – Lobotómia

Hungarian grind legends (important to mention that they have started in 1996) finally released a new album! “Lobotómia” is a very hard and aggressive message to the world. In their lyrics Jack touch on many social topics, and problems. Of course, you may say that it`s very typical for the genre, but we all living in this shit, so put up with it. With a closer look, the cover art of this record shows us the most destructive feature of mankind’s impersonality and manipulation of the masses. Scary and sad, but this is still a huge problem in 2022. So … Continue reading Jack – Lobotómia


Orificio from Spain (Canary Islands) is an old-school deadly Goregrind solo project by Manuel M. Cubas who also has been involved in the past with acts such as Genital Masticator, Brutalomania, Energumeno… “Apocalipsis Necrótico” is a huge dose of primitive pathological sickness influenced by the early works of Carcass, Xysma, General Surgery, Impetigo, Autopsy and other veterans. Out soon at ZAS Autoproduzioni Records! Continue reading Orificio!

Putrefaction Sets In (19.06.22)

Good day or night gentlemen! Hope you`re doing well and all of you have your favorite drinks, hehe))). Let`s start with a monumental question: what is a Putrefaction Sets In (small history part if you please)? Anderson: Hi Alex, how it’s going mate? Thank you for the opportunity to Putrefaction Sets In talks to Good Guys Goo Grind! PSI is an international Gore Grind band formed in 2018 for good friends that went to Grind for several years ago lol. The idea is simple, join the friends to play what we most love, Grind Core into early Carcass and Napalm … Continue reading Putrefaction Sets In (19.06.22)

Haemorrhage – Punk Carnage!

Finally a re-issue of a great cover album of the Spanish gore legends Haemorrhage! Available in clear or green vinyl, it includes three extra themes not featured in previous versions and comes with an excellent presentation with an insert, several stickers, and an 8-page booklet with an interview and the lyrics. Get a copy from the band or from The Rat Monkey Records! Continue reading Haemorrhage – Punk Carnage!

Pharmacist – Carnal Pollution

If you miss good deathgrind music, this review is for you. Because today we will talk about the last EP from Japanese death masters Pharmacist! In just one year, the guys have risen to a very high position in the world noise charts. But that is not because of the hype or luck, that is a result of really hard work. “Carnal Pollution” is the 10th or 11th (sorry, if I`m wrong) work of this great squad. It contains only 4 songs of very decent material, and actually, this is the most metal record of Pharmacist (in my opinion of … Continue reading Pharmacist – Carnal Pollution

New release from Headsplit Records!

Nasty Face – “This Is The Face Wish How” CD out now from Headsplit Records! 18 tracks of gorey death grind from Switzerland! After a slough of splits, E.P.s and demos, Nasty Face present their disgusting full length album to the world! All the vomit vocal liquefaction and raw blast beats you can handle! For fans of Dead Infection, Exulceration & Haemorrhage! CD insert doubles as 6 panel fold out poster of mental mindfuck artwork! Listen / Buy Continue reading New release from Headsplit Records!

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Pulmonary Fibrosis are a legendary gore squad with very kind people. These dudes have been acting since 1998 (almost 25), of course, during all these years guys released tons of materials… logically, the question arose about creating their discography. And last yeas such release was done. Vol 1 contains 67 songs from the very first Demo 1999, Promo 2001, 3way with Bloodshed / Inhumate, split with Ulcerrhoea, old tape with Drogheda / S.A.M.K. / Downright, (which contains record session in “Popeye Local” + live records from a few old gigs). Massive load of noise, isn`t it? So we have here … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Huge clean up from Grindfather prod!

Our good friend Grindfather prod is moving from his old house, and he is cluttered with a ton of great stuff, so let`s give him a hand! Please check his distro, (I bet that you will find something for your collections) and help him out! You can check all stuff at Discogs or at Myshopify! Continue reading Huge clean up from Grindfather prod!