General Surgery – A Legendary Death!

New EP from Swedish legends General Surgery! “It’s a somewhat of a nostalgic look back into the past, to honor some fallen peers/friends, brought on by some recent tragic circumstances. Two original songs, written in the style of the bands we are honoring. Also, we did a couple of cover songs as well. You can probably figure it out from there”. Listen to this release at Continue reading General Surgery – A Legendary Death!

New release from Spikerot Records!

Our First-Time-On-Vinyl series continues, next in line will be one of the greatest Death/Grind albums ever: ‘Only Tools And Corpses’ by British gentlemen Gorerotted (Official!) 1997-2008. Recorded something like 20 years ago and originally released on CD by Metal Blade Records in 2003, this record contains some of the most brutal sounds you could want, combining nasty riffs and ridiculously fast drumming with guttural grunts and coarse shrieks, for a relentless and ruthless assault from start to finish, all seasoned with horror/gore references and sick humor. You can get this LP at Continue reading New release from Spikerot Records!

Misguided – S/T

Guess what? Today I wanna show an interesting debut. Self-titled EP from nice Polish trio Misguided. Guys are young and ambitious. In their music, they are mixing a lot of different extreme genres, and they do it well (yep). This first release has only 8 songs, but it`s more than enough to understand what Misguided is all about. The main design has a dangerous red color and a nice unrolled backward skull. A small booklet and info are here too. From the first look, everything is made in a very minimalistic style but wait until you put this CD into … Continue reading Misguided – S/T

Septic Vomet!

Germany`s Septic Vomet consists of a bunch of scene veterans committed to the underground scene since the 90`s. With quite a couple of former band activities under their belt, this time their love for brutal, unrelenting old school grind and gore found its vivid eruption through a putrid session in summer of 2021. It resulted in the foundation of the band and the birth of „Constant fear and phobia“: a blunt, raw and rash outburst of 5 songs which pay not too much attention to detail and well thought-out songwriting. This is fun for the moment, not for decades! Get … Continue reading Septic Vomet!

Blockheads (02.11.21)

Good day guys! Hope you`re doing well. My congrats, you finally finished working on a new album! Hi Alexander! And first and foremost, thank you! To be honest, the process was kind of long, but finally, it will be out soon, so all in all, everything’s fine! This is your 6th studio album. To be honest, I`m really stoked about it, I`ve been waiting for it since your last LP. Tell us a bit about it. Did you have a release date for it? Well, official release is November 15th, with preorder around November 1st, I think. And yes, it’s … Continue reading Blockheads (02.11.21)

Grind За**ісь Party # 11

Суботнього жовтневого вечора (23.10.21) відбулась довгочікувана 11та вечірка під стягом Grind За**ісь Party. В наші непрості часи цей відомий двіж, як свіжий ковток хорошого шуму. На данний захід приїхали гурти з різних кінців нашої країни, а також гості з Нідерланд. Коротко, було весело, прийшло чимало знайомих облич (не дивлячись на робочий день), звук порадував, післясмак від 11го івенту лишився приємним. Але давайте по порядку. Розпочинали вечір молодики з Rectal Surveillance. Команда нова і це трохи дається в знаки, початок їх виступу вийшов трохи всратим, довге інтро, потім інше… але загалом команда розігріла натовп непогано, хай хоч і їхня музика зовсім … Continue reading Grind За**ісь Party # 11

Big day for GGGG!

Hi, my dears! On this day GGGG was born. It`s been 8 years since we started this story. During all these years we met so many cool people, visit great festivals, and reviewed a ton of different releases. Underground is a big family and that is very important to us to help it. We are very thankful for all your support boys and girls, that means a lot for us. That`s why we`ll make sure to do everything to keep this zine alive and show you more and more cool bands. Big hugs to you all! Alex Continue reading Big day for GGGG!