Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Humus is our target today. I want to talk about their last album “Eterna Condanna”. This LP is an excellent example of badass Crust Punk. This full length is like a small nuclear missile, it’s charged with destructive power. These guys managed to use so many of the classic Crust elements. From the riffs, to the structures, and even down to the furious energy. Even the artwork is made the old way (a marvelous collage with lots of elements) plus traditional black and white.  Eterna Condanna is a wild Rock and Roll ride that will keep you holding on by … Continue reading Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Murders Calling – All You Need Is Violence (Death Crush Records)

It’s time to drop more Grind into our channel! I can call this album super Italian because Murders Calling are Italians and the label that released them (Death Crush Records) is from Italy too. The main theme of this album is death and violence which is displayed vividly in the cover art. I don’t know if this is a scene from some movie, but I like how it looks, especially with this muted colors. Also the theme of murder and other dark things was used as the opening for “All You Need Is Violence” (but I don’t know what movie … Continue reading Murders Calling – All You Need Is Violence (Death Crush Records)

Repulsione – Desecrating (Death Crush Records)

This album crossed many countries, and overcame a lot of obstacles and adventures from the journey, from Death Crush Records, before finally arriving to my dirty hands. I have a lot of respect in all honesty for what our Italian friends released here. A whole lot of sweat and blood were put into this monster of an album. Good work takes a lot of time and that`s the reason this album wasn’t released before the end of 2017 in digital format and vinyl version in the beginning of 2018. Talk about sound, riffs, puke and blasts comes a bit later … Continue reading Repulsione – Desecrating (Death Crush Records)

Support Death Crush distro!

Italian “Death Crush Distro” has a ton of good stuff. In case you’re searching for some hot bands/albums for your collections, this is a great chance to do that! Contact info:   facebook page 7”1/4 morto – la semina e il raccolto 31/4 morto annusarsi, scegliersi, lamentarsi 32 MINUTA DREKA / EXTREME SMOKE 57 split EP (orange) 62 MINUTA DREKA / LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY EP 650/50 – sggc 7” (grindcore) 47 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM split EP (w 5A Testa Bassa – clone o.g.m. 2ABOMINAT “Storms Of Calamity” EP 4abusive action – fueled 3ACAO DIRECTA / … Continue reading Support Death Crush distro!