Arrogänt / Visions Of War

When it comes to the crust genre, you usually remember the UK scene. No joke, that country is an alpha mother of many extreme genres, but other countries have succeeded in such genres too. Today I want to spin a good record from Belgium with two cool Belgian bands. And let me start with newcomers Arrogänt. Arrogänt is a new band, but with serious guys of Travolta, Days of Desolation, Nervous Mothers, Monnier, and Capital Scum. For this session guys prepared 7 crispy songs, all these tracks are full of fantastic live energy and rage. Of course, Arrogänt didn’t make … Continue reading Arrogänt / Visions Of War

Embittered – Infected

Today we`re going to immerse in the history of English crust punk. 32 years ago a couple of guys from Middlesbrough gathered together and created Embittered. I`ll be honest, I never heard of this name, but Thomas of Power It Up rec recommended it to me, so I opened a youtube and started my investigation. A year later he released a full discography of this band in double vinyl format. I got a few old releases of that label and I perfectly know how that guy love to put together a lot of small details. Old punk discographies look so … Continue reading Embittered – Infected

Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Sydney’s hardcore/crust maniacs Dark Horse are back with a brand new album! Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct is their 3d album, and I’m expecting a lot from it. We have here 12 songs wrapped in the nice gloomy cover art. Must say that the music is pretty dark, especially in comparison with the first album. Everything (CDs and vinyl) was released by Grindhead Records (another Australian music maniac). So as you see we have here 100% Australian product, hehe… Actually, I really waited for this album, and what I heard wasn`t that what I expected. I don`t know what the hell happened but … Continue reading Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Crust band from Poland? Yes! Why not? Sturmovik is a rather young band and this CD is only their first album. But I take my hat off to them, these guys put everything that they had into this release and I felt that during listening. But, for now let`s focus on visual pleasure that is the cover art of this full length. I especially enjoy this piece, the artist has drawn an old plane from WW2 with a bit modern flair but I like it. It looks very handsome with the band logo. And if you open up the booklet, … Continue reading Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Humus is our target today. I want to talk about their last album “Eterna Condanna”. This LP is an excellent example of badass Crust Punk. This full length is like a small nuclear missile, it’s charged with destructive power. These guys managed to use so many of the classic Crust elements. From the riffs, to the structures, and even down to the furious energy. Even the artwork is made the old way (a marvelous collage with lots of elements) plus traditional black and white.  Eterna Condanna is a wild Rock and Roll ride that will keep you holding on by … Continue reading Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Social Chaos – Dia do óbito (Rødel Records)

At the end of this long day I just want a Grind album that I can enjoy that has enough of aggression and barbarity. Social Chaos will help me convince you that Grindcore will never die. Originally “Dia do óbito” was released in 2014, on CD, but I guess that did not satisfy the fans, and in 2017 this monolith was reborn on beautiful black wax with a nice gatefold sleeve. Actually, I am a bit disappointed by the cover artwork. Because this full length deserves something much stronger, more aggressive and brutal. In my opinion this gothic art does … Continue reading Social Chaos – Dia do óbito (Rødel Records)

Happivaje – S/T

My friend introduced me to Happivaje, saying they are a great piece of raw Crust. I remember only that I really liked their dirty EP back in the day. And then I just simply forgot about these Finnish punk bastards. Until now, when I found this tape inside my mail box. As this band is pretty unknown I feel that I should shed light on them. Happivaje consists of 4 units, they are based in Joensuu, and yes these punks are all native Finns. This 9 song, self-titled record is their debut (and it is a very good one). All … Continue reading Happivaje – S/T

Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth

Here is a raw and noisy crust split from one cold and brutal country. These Canadians are pretty famous inside their land (especially Global Holocaust which started in 89). Both of them did some hiatus and both are active now. The bands dedicated their covers for war problems. Global Holocaust chose a picture from old war in Korea and Dehumanized Earth take a photo from some war act in Africa (sorry but I don’t know exactly this picture is from). This split starts with good punch from GxHx! Guys play pretty aggressive and fast. Minimum amount of melodies and maximum … Continue reading Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth

Sadist – LP is out now!

Horryfying and violent noisy d-beat hardcore punk act from Boston with members of G.A.S.H., Video Filth, Aspects of War, Human Bodies. To me its kind of mixture between anarchist/anti-war ideology of Crass, live violent actions of singer Ghost in the vein of GISM, industrial/harsh noise parts by Bombings and all these injected into good overfuzzed d-beat punk! This stuff is intense and forceful with buzzing riffs, thumping percussion and ferocious vocal howls. The LP includs their demo 1st time on vinyl and their following 7″ which was remastered by Jack Control. You can order this suff at Regurgitated Semen Records!  Continue reading Sadist – LP is out now!

Hellkrusher / Visions Of War (Power it Up)

Okay Crust lovers keep your pants tight because today we will listen to a very cool split from two very cool bands. Bands with great history and big experience in making punk noise. Old Hellkrusher is the first band which will attack us. These crust punk veterans presented two very toxic songs. Hellkrusher does not depart from their traditions, they continue to destroy this world with their noisy music. Fuck, from the very first second that bass guitar sound just struck my heart… it sounds so adorable. Also just check those buzzing riffs and guitar solos I have a feeling … Continue reading Hellkrusher / Visions Of War (Power it Up)

Visions Of War – Swine Parade (Power It Up)

Okay enough empty words! This is a real crust bomb! This CD contains both albums from belgian bombers Visions Of War! Needless to say that both of them was released only on vinyl format and were previously not useful to people who do not have turntables. I like the way how both albums intertwined on this CD. It is related to the name and to the art. Especially arts, hehe)) That dreadful pig with bunch of human skulls, this and many other details looks really nice. Lets open this buzzing box and look inside. Annnndddd this huge container with radioactive … Continue reading Visions Of War – Swine Parade (Power It Up)

GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

В суботу 22 квітня пройшов 6-й концертний грайнд вогник під вивіскою “GRIND За**ісь PARTY”. Почалося все з невеличкої затримки, яка дала змогу “заправитися” фанатам на вулиці та досхочу поспілкуватися між собою. Приємно було бачити стільки знайомих облич, та гуртів під одним дахом. Почувши скрипучі звуки саундчеку, я зайшов в середину. Відповідальна місія відкривати цей концерт випала запорізьким хлопцям Hinnom Vultures. Налаштувавшись, хлопці вдарили першими звуками по вухам небагаточисленної публіки. Чув цей гурт вперше, нічого не очікував, але чесно-кажучи лишилися позитивні враження. Хлопці видали хорошу суміш хардкор красту, приправлену ледь помітною мелодичністю. Публіка була вже достатньо розігріта і наступними на сцену вийшли місцеві панки Diversion. … Continue reading GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Today I will talk about double grind/crust attack from Sweden. Both bands are not well known but both are truly good. I don’t know who drew this cover but I’m sure that the artist was inspired by the old fantastic B movie genre. Post-apocalyptic gloomy view, strange people with guns, pillars of smoke and old machinery… this art looks really nice. But music here is key so let’s put this CD into player and check out what both bands have prepared for us. Without any warnings and without the chances of escape this grindcore will crash your bones and flesh. Resonance … Continue reading Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Restricted Rights / Skunk

I want to dedicate this review to my good friends from both bands Skunk and Restricted Rights. This split is full of dirty noises, good swing rhythms and filled with serious social life themes… At the very first look this split seems to be super deep and cruel, the innocent victim topic is very close to me… War, suffering, death, dead children, hunger… The artist did a great job. This picture looks very detailed and the longer you look at it the more you can see. First three songs are from Restricted Rights. It`s a pretty dirty and angry crust … Continue reading Restricted Rights / Skunk

Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Quite unfairly, Canadian band ‘Dehumanized Earth’ aren’t given enough attention. Although this group is not very well known, their were very active (they had split up some years ago but now, but have since reformed and are preparing something new) and made many good things for the local Canadian scene. The songs of this band filled with serious and painful topics, which are also displayed on the cover of this album. To newcomers, Dehumanized Earth play a combintation of crust and d-beat with strongly accented bass, with vibration from which your brain pleasantly dissolves into jelly. All songs are pretty simple, sometimes played … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)