Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Gorenoise is definitely not a place for cowards. The split I’m about to review will explain why. We have here two very nasty and heavy projects. Cystgurgle (Thailand) and Vomitoma (USA) have prepared for you a ton of filthy and harsh material. The sounds of sonic vomit will smash and melt you down, but on the other hand this tape is full of fun! I want start with the first name on this split, the duo Cystgurgle. My aquaintance with this act started with their 7” Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo, I was really surprised with their massive and dirty … Continue reading Cystgurgle / Vomitoma

Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

Hey Polwach, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview with Good Guys Go Grind.   What’s up Shawn/GGGG. My pleasures man. Go for it. Some of us are curious, what was it exactly that peaked your interest about drumming?   Well, I started listening to rock and extreme music when I was like 13-14 and the drums attracted me the most. From that point I started to learn drumming. I remembered when I first listened to Diabolis Interium by Dark Funeral and was amazed on how fast that shit was. So what can you … Continue reading Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

Cystgurgle – Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo (Uterus Productions)

I once heard dnb powerviolence or bass guitar only grindcore, but there once was also a bass only sludge band playing live…. But I have not heard any bass guitar only goregrind. Bangkok’s duo unit Cystgurgle made me review what I have heard. After the first tune blasted through with its hellish polka part, my head was familiar of only word i describe as “pure evil”. That piece of wax keeps really infernal one of a goregrind, every chord on the strings (I guess the strings on the bass guitar come from a grand piano) stays in my brain with … Continue reading Cystgurgle – Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo (Uterus Productions)