Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld

Today I am going back to the theme of one man projects. Personally for me it’s a pretty hard topic because it’s unbelievably difficult to create something really memorable, something interesting with only 1 mind at the helm. We all know a lot of bad examples, but also we know a few great one man bands. Well today I want to talk about German band Corpseeater. That project has a few releases and is not very well known at all. But, the guy managed to create something interesting and nasty and that’s why I’m writing these words. Yes you can … Continue reading Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld

Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Noisy, evil, bubbling split of two one-man-bands, American dead dolls lover Decomposing Serenity and big fan of huge asses Proctalgia (Philippines)… It seems to me that moving to America had a small influence on the art of Witter Cheng. His noise became more cacophonous, the material steered a little bit away from the gore madness which was familiar to the listener… Now there’s more metal influence…But, I can’t say I liked this. Motly guitar solos in the background are kinda funny. There is, a huge variety of vocals… pitch-shifted growls, some times croaking and funny, like gremlin squeals… About the … Continue reading Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Burning Cyborg – Entering Digital Infinity

Fuck! I didn’t come across for a long time with such a strange noise!) I`m not a big fan of cybergrind stuff but Burning Cyborg hook me up with it`s madness. After I digged some information on the web I can directly say it is the only release of this band, and it is a pity… because songs on this EP just mince your brains into salad!) Just have a look at this acid cover, look at those variegated colors… the same will be projected into your brain while listening to this vinyl! It’s a hellish and dangerous mix of … Continue reading Burning Cyborg – Entering Digital Infinity

Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

2016 became a very fruitful year for german label Uterus Productions. This label released a whole bunch of nasty and sick stuff and today we will review the position №13 in their catalog. So it’s split between dutch duo Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness and filipino one man band Proctalgia. Ok, SPOW goes first. I don’t know why but their cyber noise don’t disgust me. I even got some mood boost bit while listening to this nonsense. I doubt very much that the guys tried to play something serious. The guitar sounds like it was written in some Guitar Pro, but … Continue reading Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia (Uterus Productions)

Savage Man Savage Beast – The Stiffs Are Looking Lively (Rottenpyosis Records)

It’s impossible to hear and know every band over our big globe (even if you spend all your life for this) so that`s why no wonder that I know nothing about Savage Man Savage Beast. But with Rottenpyosis Records’ help many of you can discover that band. This discography contains (probably) all material recorded… as you can see here is 4 demo tapes, songs from split with Blue Holocaust / Microphallus and even unreleased stuff! I don’t know who digitized those tapes and how, also don’t know who cleaned the sound, but fuck me… the final result is so nice. … Continue reading Savage Man Savage Beast – The Stiffs Are Looking Lively (Rottenpyosis Records)

Out Now On Cadaveric Dissolution Records!!!

Butcher M.D. / Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy Distrophy – Pathological Gambling Tape.Lysergic Rites Of Sadopriest – Altar Pigs For Mongorrhoid: Demos & Unreleased Sewage Discography Tape. For All Questions Or Suggestions, Please Write To: Continue reading Out Now On Cadaveric Dissolution Records!!!