Visions Of War – Swine Parade (Power It Up)

Okay enough empty words! This is a real crust bomb! This CD contains both albums from belgian bombers Visions Of War! Needless to say that both of them was released only on vinyl format and were previously not useful to people who do not have turntables. I like the way how both albums intertwined on this CD. It is related to the name and to the art. Especially arts, hehe)) That dreadful pig with bunch of human skulls, this and many other details looks really nice. Lets open this buzzing box and look inside. Annnndddd this huge container with radioactive … Continue reading Visions Of War – Swine Parade (Power It Up)

GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

В суботу 22 квітня пройшов 6-й концертний грайнд вогник під вивіскою “GRIND За**ісь PARTY”. Почалося все з невеличкої затримки, яка дала змогу “заправитися” фанатам на вулиці та досхочу поспілкуватися між собою. Приємно було бачити стільки знайомих облич, та гуртів під одним дахом. Почувши скрипучі звуки саундчеку, я зайшов в середину. Відповідальна місія відкривати цей концерт випала запорізьким хлопцям Hinnom Vultures. Налаштувавшись, хлопці вдарили першими звуками по вухам небагаточисленної публіки. Чув цей гурт вперше, нічого не очікував, але чесно-кажучи лишилися позитивні враження. Хлопці видали хорошу суміш хардкор красту, приправлену ледь помітною мелодичністю. Публіка була вже достатньо розігріта і наступними на сцену вийшли місцеві панки Diversion. … Continue reading GRIND За**ісь PARTY # 6

Restricted Rights / Skunk

I want to dedicate this review to my good friends from both bands Skunk and Restricted Rights. This split is full of dirty noises, good swing rhythms and filled with serious social life themes… At the very first look this split seems to be super deep and cruel, the innocent victim topic is very close to me… War, suffering, death, dead children, hunger… The artist did a great job. This picture looks very detailed and the longer you look at it the more you can see. First three songs are from Restricted Rights. It`s a pretty dirty and angry crust … Continue reading Restricted Rights / Skunk

split Entropiah/Test!

This split will be out pretty soon at:  – Hecatombe Records (Almeria, Spain)– No Humano Records (Zaragoza, Spain)– Base Record Production (Alicante, Spain)– Grindfather Productions (UK)– Lazybones Records (Brazil)– Raw recs (Brazil)– 255 recs (Brazil)– Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina)– Clandestine Productions (Mexico) Continue reading split Entropiah/Test!

Zombie Assault – Video Nasty (Eclectic Productions)

So guys we got a debut today! New band, new purulent acne on Canadian skin? ha!) But I hasten to assure you, despite a new name the guys which play in Zombie Assault have a robust experience. For example, the rhythm sections of Putrescence (R.I.P.) involved into this project. Okay, I think this design is not so great and also not impressive. BUT! You will definitely love this nice, rotten stuffing of this CD. You will have a 40-minute immersion into the dungeon to the living dead, haha! The Video Nasty stands out with a good cheerful and frisky rhythms. … Continue reading Zombie Assault – Video Nasty (Eclectic Productions)

Graben – S/T (Sengaja Records)

I think that I should put this review to the offtop section, because these guys are not even close to grindcore. But whatever it is, this album is worth your attention (even just because this will distract from grindcore and other noises). It’s even hard to imagine what this album looks like visually, because I can’t remember where I had seen something similar. But this cover uniquely attracts by its mysterious darkness. It’s difficult to determine what these Germans had mixed here. No doubt that the basis for this stuff is hardcore and metal, but at times it breaks away … Continue reading Graben – S/T (Sengaja Records)

Butrön ‎– El Legado De La Barbarie

Gooood morning Spain! I finally found some time to write about Spanish hardcore scene and today I will talk about second album of Butrön band. Black like resin vinyl and gloomy art… these zombie buffalos really attract attention. Sometimes I am really amazed how people just with couple of brushes and colors can create something endowed with such atmosphere. If you`ll look closely then on the muzzles of animals you will read torment and pain and anger… These matadors from Barcelona I remember well by their pleasant hardcore crust… or rather how well they joined both styles. Here you can … Continue reading Butrön ‎– El Legado De La Barbarie

Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Quite unfairly, Canadian band ‘Dehumanized Earth’ aren’t given enough attention. Although this group is not very well known, their were very active (they had split up some years ago but now, but have since reformed and are preparing something new) and made many good things for the local Canadian scene. The songs of this band filled with serious and painful topics, which are also displayed on the cover of this album. To newcomers, Dehumanized Earth play a combintation of crust and d-beat with strongly accented bass, with vibration from which your brain pleasantly dissolves into jelly. All songs are pretty simple, sometimes played … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Marginal – Chaos and Anarchy

There is a lot of bands with Marginal name on our planet. But today we will try to introduce to you Belgian marginal band 🙂 The name of this album pretty typical like for the crust band. Lyrics full of hate for human affairs…. hmm I already heard those things many times but this theme still kicking me. About whole design and main art we can probably say that’s a classic one. All executed in the best traditions: black and whit colors, nuclear blast, war, death and desolation… And also we have here a cute character (which plays here the … Continue reading Marginal – Chaos and Anarchy


“We started to play together in 2014 as a groove/thrash metal band. In about 2 years we made few songs and recorded them, but they didn’t feel powerful enough. So our drummer took his old Boss HM-2 out from the drawer when we were at rehearsals and the guitarist tried it, and we were immediatly sold. Then the music started to take form into a faster and brutal course. We didn’t want to get stuck in a narrow style, we just want to make songs that sound evil and are fun to play, it can be fast or slow.” Contact: … Continue reading Lionskull