Embittered – Infected

Today we`re going to immerse in the history of English crust punk. 32 years ago a couple of guys from Middlesbrough gathered together and created Embittered. I`ll be honest, I never heard of this name, but Thomas of Power It Up rec recommended it to me, so I opened a youtube and started my investigation. A year later he released a full discography of this band in double vinyl format. I got a few old releases of that label and I perfectly know how that guy love to put together a lot of small details. Old punk discographies look so … Continue reading Embittered – Infected

Ashdöd (29.03.21)

Hi Dani! How are you doing these days? Hope that you and your family are healthy. Hi Alex, thank you for thinking of me for this interview, much appreciated! Everything fine here but trying to keep sane in these strange days. Continuous lockdowns and restrictions here in Spain are turning me a bit mad. Could you share with us a short story about Ashdöd? Everything started one year ago. I made all the music for a new project, a crustcore (or stenchcore as we used to call it back in the days) project. It had to be as a crustcore … Continue reading Ashdöd (29.03.21)

KickxAssxViolence – Broviolence (Rotten N Rancid Records)

Sorry guys but, this review will be a bit short. Why you ask? Because these Canadian lumberjacks have crushed my mind with their noise and I see no need to write too many words about all my feelings. You should check this tape for yourself. Well the design is cheesy, all this masked Mince boys has become pretty boring nowadays. Also logo cearly designed designed around the Terrorizer style. That does not surprised me… but the main trick is hidden in the music! KickxAssxViolence as a trio managed to create a very strong mix between Grindcore, Mince, Powerviolence and Crust. … Continue reading KickxAssxViolence – Broviolence (Rotten N Rancid Records)

Armpits – Self Titled Cassette

Boston,MA a city synonymous with Hardcore. But, in the seedy underbelly of the Boston Hardcore scene writhes a purulent mass of Grindcore freaks. Armpits, the 3 piece Crust/Grind unit we have on the slab today is fine specimen of this breed of freaks. This cassette is pretty simple in design. No cover art just the Armpits logo, which conveys the fact that they are just here to start shit and have a good time. Let’s dive into this sweet little treat shall we? 5 songs… Yeah only 5 songs. Don’t let that fool you though. This neat little package rolls … Continue reading Armpits – Self Titled Cassette

Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

The gloomy land of Finland has given birth to many great bands. Yes, this country is mostly known for its metal bands, but there (in the deepest and darkest caves) are many interesting grind and near grind squads. So today we will listen a really heavy (almost 100 gram! hahah) split 7” with two unordinary bands. As with almost all Finnish extreme albums/releases this 7” has a dark atmosphere and noticeable influence from black metal. I do not want to torture you with long and empty words, so allow me to start with the first band – Napam Ted! This … Continue reading Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

Procrastinate – s/t

The end of the year is rich with good releases. Now we have a lot of great grind stuff also doom and sludge albums, so now it’s time for some Crust! For today’s review I picked up a brand new LP from Greek Crusties Procrastinate. This album has a beautiful design but, the main cover art can deceive you. First look at this picture made me think that I’m holding in my hands, some sort of art rock album. It’s hard to guess that this band is playing crust, haha! Also inside of the paper case you will find a … Continue reading Procrastinate – s/t

4th anniversary!

On this day, 4 long years ago Good Guys Go Grind was born. Lead by a man who’s passion for reviewing and listening to music continues to drive him forward today. Good Guys Go Grind seemed to explode over night and became one of the biggest Underground Media outlets in the Extreme Music community. Now, the 2 man team of Alex and Shawn push ahead into the unknown. Where will the future take us? Continue reading 4th anniversary!

Happivaje – S/T

My friend introduced me to Happivaje, saying they are a great piece of raw Crust. I remember only that I really liked their dirty EP back in the day. And then I just simply forgot about these Finnish punk bastards. Until now, when I found this tape inside my mail box. As this band is pretty unknown I feel that I should shed light on them. Happivaje consists of 4 units, they are based in Joensuu, and yes these punks are all native Finns. This 9 song, self-titled record is their debut (and it is a very good one). All … Continue reading Happivaje – S/T

Dehumanized Earth / Dis-eased (Outrageous Defecation Records)

As many of you know the Crust scene in Canada is pretty large. There are a lot of great bands, but not many of these are more or less famous. So today we will try to examine in detail and dissect this split. Let’s start with a small introduction… Both of them are from Quebec City and both of them are suffering (in the case of Dis-eased – suffered, because the band split up 10 years ago) from crust punk disease. Small and unnecessary fact: some of the guys from Dehumanized Earth also played in Septicémie (one more unknown name) … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Dis-eased (Outrageous Defecation Records)

RØDEL Records (31.07.17)

Hi, sir Keule! How are you doing? Probably drinking dark beer with tons of candies, I suppose?) Thank you – I`m fine. Ha , no dark beer… usually I don`t drink beer that often. Only in holidays or at special events. I prefer to drink water, coffee, fruitjuice… First and foremost question from me: how did you come up with a drunk elk on a logo?) About that funny looking elk – well it`s not drawing by myself.I took it illigal from a popular german cartoonist ( Waltewr Moers ) for some reasons: if you see the logo you can`t … Continue reading RØDEL Records (31.07.17)

Scab – Scab Presents: Nuclearth

Today we sit down to listen to some Dbeat Grind/Crust brought to us by Pennsylvania 2 Piece Scab! From the start we are given a very minimalist cover design. Simple black cover with the band logo and what appear to be bullet casings. Nothing over the top, but simultaneously I’d like a little more to look at. Enough about the art though, that’s not why we came here. From the beginning we are force fed blistering Dbeat goodness. Riff after riff come trampling forth like a wild stampede. And an array of vocal variety come out swinging for the fences. … Continue reading Scab – Scab Presents: Nuclearth