Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

I never liked live recordings, because most of them sounds very dirty… Same thing with this split. But that is not the point, the point is a friendship. Both bands used their old material to do a split in the name of friendship and mutual respect. But, I got this tape for review, so that`s what I’m gonna do right now.   The recording of Matka Teresa was made at Bloodchet Fest, back in 2013. Like most live records, this one is raw and dirty, but somehow it doesn’t sound like total garbage. I can clearly hear vocals, drums and … Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Corrupt Humanity/Cum Sock – Split Tape Cruel Face – “Eu Amo Desgraça… Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto!” Tape  Sordo/Archagathus – Split Tape Agathocles/SRT – Split Tape Corrupt Humanity/Takashi Ohkawa – Split Tape Pizza Hi Five / Soil Of Ignorance – Split Tape  For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Cruel Face / Disturbance Project

This split represents an evil portion of grindcore that will cleanse your body and your mind from unnecessary and bad thoughts. Damn, the noise content of this split completely match its cover … these vivid sounds are like a soundtrack of the riots. I think that the artist felt the same way and redistributed these emotions and mood into his artwork. The first ones to knock out all the shit from your brains will be Brazilian guys Cruel Face. After their reunion, guys got back down to business pretty fast and keep release new stuff for their listeners enjoyment. 4 … Continue reading Cruel Face / Disturbance Project

Cruel Face – Eu Amo Desgraça… Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto! (Grindfather Productions)

Sunny Brazil is famous with not only beautiful women and strong coffee. Fans of grindcore know that this large and green country is also rich with awesome grind bands.Today we are going to listen to the discography of the legendary mammoths – Cruel Face. This is great and very powerful tape release which will immerse you into the history of the life and creative work of this band. “Eu Amo Desgraça..” It’s a monolith which contains 59 songs. It includes all songs from splits and compilations, and most importantly, there is a full-length album (it is acting as the core … Continue reading Cruel Face – Eu Amo Desgraça… Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto! (Grindfather Productions)

Cruel Face / Matka Teresa split!

OUT NOW!CRUEL FACE/MATKA TERESA split tapeSuth America(Peru)version:AHORCASSETTES Later;Asia(Indonesia)version:CKPYNGIDEA Europe version:EXTREME TERROR PRODUCTION(NL)krytycznasytuacja@interia.plGRIND FATHER PRODUCTION(UK) Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa split!

Cruel Face (06.11.16)

Hi Alex what’s up? I hope everything’s alright. Is it raining in Brazil now?)  Hi Alex, things are ok but not fine. Fucking political and economical crisis in Brasil also we`re watching, trying to fight against ignorance. The school models are shit so it?s easy to see the growth of shitty ideaas as prejudice and so on. It`s been raining quite often. Season change is like this. Then from dec to feb is rain season. Well, share the latest news with us please. What new material is Cruel Face planning to release? I heard that there’s going to be a … Continue reading Cruel Face (06.11.16)

X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Honestly speaking, this split was one of those 2015 releases which I was waiting for. And after I finally listened to it, I realized that waiting was not for nothing! So I will not go into long introduction, I’ll start right on the part of the Spanish… X-Torsion already has one full-length album behind, so now they decided to deliver some fresh stuff on split release. The visual part reminds of (and perhaps it is a follow up to) the first album cover art, everything with the same funny black humor of gore / horror picture. But fresh tracks surprised … Continue reading X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Agathocles & Cruel Face (Contra Boots)

When touring and contaminating our planet with mincecore contagion, Agathocles leave lots of live recordings in their trail every here and there. Well, many of them are lowly. After Agathocle’s grandiose Brazilian tour, this split came to light that way. The gig was a tuneful cooperation with Cruel Face (who have kept silence lately) in Sao Paulo city. This very split caught my attention because the concert was recorded in a befitting way, the sound was scaled from the panel and re-recorded then. Frankly speaking, I’ve rarely seen anything like that. Belgians pensioners present 20 songs. The fathers of mincecore share … Continue reading Agathocles & Cruel Face (Contra Boots)