Haggus / Couple Skate

In this boring daily life I’m really missing good,raw, and groovy noise music and that’s why I want to write a few words about this release. We have here 2 bands, Couple Skate and Haggus, both of them recorded their vomit-swamp noises a year ago, but this vinyl split was released just a few month ago (I guess it took a lot of time to find right labels)… The cover was made by Gruesome Graphics and holy lord, it sucks This cartoon artwork, with all these stoned characters, looks pretty stupid… But I picked up this 7” not for its … Continue reading Haggus / Couple Skate

Very last news from Grindfather for 2016!

SxOxTxEx – t-shirtExistench – – t-shirt Agathocles/Existench – split 7″ Couple Skate/Girth – split 12″ Agathocles – Bulldozind Bucharest – live tape Archagathus/Haggus – split 7″ Foe more info just write to: grindfather.prod@gmail.com Continue reading Very last news from Grindfather for 2016!

Couple Skate – Tales From The Corpse

Finally! Vinyl version of Tales From The Corpse is out! A lot of labels worked hard on releasing this, and it turned out great!11 tracks full of crazy gurgling massacre – that’s what you need when it’s sad and foggy! Guys did a great job, no less, so let’s see what this album has. It feels like vocals here erupting from the very bottom of the bowel through the mouth with all its content, haha! But, jokes aside, this distorted sound reminds me of metallic clatter, which is awesome. If you remember LDOH (of course you remember LDOH, goddamit :))) … Continue reading Couple Skate – Tales From The Corpse