Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

This gore split was done in a totally DIY way – Two old freaks from different corners of the globe recorded their songs and put them together. The result is predictable; this noise is truly disgusting. The noise is loud and annoying (especially for my neighbors), but I will return to this a bit later. I want to stop at the design and art. Both sides have great creepy artwork, as the artists really conveyed the atmosphere of iconic horror movies (which is badass). As for the design, everything was printed with a home printer, but it looks nice. It’s … Continue reading Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld

Today I am going back to the theme of one man projects. Personally for me it’s a pretty hard topic because it’s unbelievably difficult to create something really memorable, something interesting with only 1 mind at the helm. We all know a lot of bad examples, but also we know a few great one man bands. Well today I want to talk about German band Corpseeater. That project has a few releases and is not very well known at all. But, the guy managed to create something interesting and nasty and that’s why I’m writing these words. Yes you can … Continue reading Corpse Eater – Mutants In The Nuclear Afterworld