Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Be careful boys and girls, this split is very spicy. This is the place where Czech fastness meets with Australian primitivism. This release sounds like a weird kind of yin and yang, on one side we have ferocious evil and on the other side we have same evil but more angry and barbaric. As you already understand, this is a very strong release, with which you need to be more careful. So let’s taste this piece of noise!  Czech fellas from Controlled Existence recorded some very “unpleasant” (for someone of course) material. This noise is fast like a rocket and … Continue reading Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Alea Iacta Est & Controlled Existence 7"

One day I was drinking great Brazilian coffee, there was Baywatch on the TV and overall the morning was good. But my rest was disturbed by sudden knock on my door. I thought it was people from recruitment office, but it turned out to be postman with a package for me. Inside this package was split of great Slovakian band Alea Lacta Est and Controlled Existence from Czech Republic. Slovakian grindcore is pretty recognizable, like Czech goregrind, even if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and ask you what’s this music, you wouldn’t make a mistake, … Continue reading Alea Iacta Est & Controlled Existence 7"