Chepang – Barriga De Verme

Before we get started with the review of this release, I think it’s really important that we talk about Chepang as a group first. Chepang is definitely one of the more interesting (if not the most, if we’re honest) grindcore bands out there at the moment. What really captures most people’s attention is the fact that they use two drummers. It’s pretty fucking insane to see two maniacs blasting at the same time and to do it perfectly; unfortunately, this is where most people’s understanding of the group stops. Yeah, it’s goddamn impressive to have more drummers than guitar players … Continue reading Chepang – Barriga De Verme

Obscene Extreme Festivals 20th anniversary special (27.06.18)

This is a very special year for Obscene Extreme Festival. For the last 20 Years this Festival has been the biggest party of the year. Needless to say it has become one of the most anticipated events for Grinders,Death Metal freaks and Weirdos alike. Every year people from around the globe congregate at Trutnov for the purpose of fun of the highest caliber. GGGG wants to congratulate this massive festival, and of course we did it in our way! We chose 7 bands from the insane lineup, and had a quick chat with them about their plans for OEF. So … Continue reading Obscene Extreme Festivals 20th anniversary special (27.06.18)

Chepang – Dadhelo

So it finally happened. One of the strangest, experimental and noisy bands of the present just released their first full album! They called their own music “immigrindcore” (I guess it`s because they are from Nepal). And I agree with that because these grind maniacs are growing and growing and their music has become more chaotic. Their noises can’t be tagged just like simple grindcore, this beautiful mess stands out from usual meaning of that genre. These guys don’t hesitate to use many elements of deferent extreme genres (which is really cool). For this album our Nepalese friends have recorded 14 … Continue reading Chepang – Dadhelo

News from Chepang`s camp!

The “Dadhelo: A Tale Of Wildfire” is now available! “The first full length assault from Nepal’s “immigrindcore” battalion. Driven by breakneck dual drum blasting and the blazing fervor of their message delivered from the turmoil of their homeland. A twisted cacophony of riff carnage and the desperate howling frenzy of multiple singers. Impassioned Ghurka grindcore commandos igniting a cleansing fire.” You can buy this album thru Nerve Altar (USA) or Holy Goat Records (Europe)  Continue reading News from Chepang`s camp!

Chepang (28.07.17)

Greetings boys! Hope that all is well on your side. Can you introduce your band for our readers? Cheers to you for having us. My name is Kshitiz Moktan AKA Captain Bhudey and I play guitars in a band called Chepang. We play a form of music called IMMIGRINDCORE, its basically grindcore but with the pain , love and intensity of the great Kublai Khan’s immigrant warriors worldwide. Its basically nothing but a loose form of freestyle music over double blast beats for double the love… Did you start this band in your motherland or did you start it on … Continue reading Chepang (28.07.17)

Chepang – 1Love Demo 2017 (Rat Mix Records)

Today our theme will be Nepal, or rather the people from this country (who happily moved to live in the US). Today we will listen to the last release of Chepang (by the way it is the name of the poorest tribe in Nepal). This small tape was released a few month ago and it’s something like a raw prelude to their very first full album (which hopefully will be released at the end of this year). What can I say? These guys really have crazy talent for creating mad noise. This 1Love demo is pretty short (only 5 minutes), … Continue reading Chepang – 1Love Demo 2017 (Rat Mix Records)