Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

I was really excited when this tape showed up in the mail the other day; I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this release for a while. There’s something really satisfying about getting a tape that’s a little under 15 minutes in length, but with a song count that would makemost people go “how could you possibly remember that all of that?”. This tape contains 27 tracks from FLVX and 31 tracks from Suppression, wrapped up in a traditional black/clear tape case with some brigh artwork. The art is definitely eye-catching, since it’s orange, light blue, and yellow (a little different … Continue reading Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

Suppression "Placebo Reality" is ready!

This album released by Chaotic Noise Productions! Or you can buy this records in one of the following Suppression shows: Friday March 16th Raleigh, NC @ The Bunker 8 PM w/ Ancient Torture Techniques, Oxidant, Das Drip, and it’s Will Butler’s Birthday!!!!!  Saturday March 17th Atlanta, GA @ The Bakery 8 PM w/ Soul Glo, Until Mourning, Apostle, Symbiote Sunday March 18th Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic 7 PM w/ Minimum Rage, Wage Slave, Lilac Angel  Monday March 19th New Orleans, LA @ Santos Bar 8 PM w/ Rat Bastard, FSUP, Shitstormtrooper, Corey Cruse, Peppermint Pony  Tuesday March 20th Houston, TX @ Walter’s … Continue reading Suppression "Placebo Reality" is ready!

Oozing Meat – Untitled/Rawhead

Anyone who’s familiar with Oozing Meat (haha… as if anyone is) will remember that these dudes know how to create something really nasty and harsh. Their noise is stand out with bassless, guitarless… blast styled stop/start mayhem and a ton of distorted vocals. For this review I chose two of heir releases from 2017. To be honest this is very rare situation when I can’t set the rating mark… It’s because this stuff is really weird and crazy. So who is Oozing Meat? And how did they came from the deep of the dark abyss? I don’t know why they … Continue reading Oozing Meat – Untitled/Rawhead