Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

I’m starting to worry about Italy, for several years there were a lot of new and fresh Gore bands. I must say that is strange but pleasant for me. Yakisoba is one of the many bands who emerged from the new age primordial ooze. This is a one man project which debuted last year with the EP “Mandatory Amputation”. It`s not surprising that this debut work has all of the attributes of Goregrind. The cover is fucking disgusting, this Asian corpse looks like a victim of Unit 731! The Noise is nasty and bloody too, but I will write about … Continue reading Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

This gore split was done in a totally DIY way – Two old freaks from different corners of the globe recorded their songs and put them together. The result is predictable; this noise is truly disgusting. The noise is loud and annoying (especially for my neighbors), but I will return to this a bit later. I want to stop at the design and art. Both sides have great creepy artwork, as the artists really conveyed the atmosphere of iconic horror movies (which is badass). As for the design, everything was printed with a home printer, but it looks nice. It’s … Continue reading Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

Gastroschisis – Demo 2018

I think this is the very first band from Malta, ever on our page. It’s always nice to see, our small noisy world grow and thrive. Since this squad is new, I should maybe give a little bit of background first, for you guys… Gastroschisis was born is the middle of spring in 2016, by 3 sick friends, Gabriel (drums), Chris (bass) and Daniel (guitars). A little bit of practise and our boys managed to create and record 3 nasty songs. The heroes of our story here has a very greedy approach to old death metal, grindcore, beer, and horror … Continue reading Gastroschisis – Demo 2018

Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Back in the 90’s Death Metal was a pretty popular genre. I guess that time was a hayday for that kind of noise. Almost every countries had their own strong bands. Unfortunately my country could not boast of such things, until today. So we now have our hands on “Олтар Утопії ” which is the first work made by Ukrainian band Обрій. These guys worked on these tunes for about 4 years and that was worth it. At first the guys just uploaded this EP on the internet, but who the hell cares about digital stuff? That’s why Обрій has … Continue reading Обрій – Олтар Утопії