Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

I was really excited when this tape showed up in the mail the other day; I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this release for a while. There’s something really satisfying about getting a tape that’s a little under 15 minutes in length, but with a song count that would makemost people go “how could you possibly remember that all of that?”. This tape contains 27 tracks from FLVX and 31 tracks from Suppression, wrapped up in a traditional black/clear tape case with some brigh artwork. The art is definitely eye-catching, since it’s orange, light blue, and yellow (a little different … Continue reading Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

BruceXCampbell – A Brief History Of Our Madness 2006-2014

It was an absolute pleasure to meet these guys, when they flew from Los Angeles out to Trutnov for Obscene Extreme 2018. We drank a lot of beer together and they gave me this tape for a review. That night I was robbed, my vest was stolen from my tent. These bitches took my CD and all my festivals coupons… BUT they left this tape. I guess they were thinking that this is total garbage, haha! But this release is very hot, for those who know the point of real grind. This tape contains all the songs that were written … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – A Brief History Of Our Madness 2006-2014

Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

I never liked live recordings, because most of them sounds very dirty… Same thing with this split. But that is not the point, the point is a friendship. Both bands used their old material to do a split in the name of friendship and mutual respect. But, I got this tape for review, so that`s what I’m gonna do right now.   The recording of Matka Teresa was made at Bloodchet Fest, back in 2013. Like most live records, this one is raw and dirty, but somehow it doesn’t sound like total garbage. I can clearly hear vocals, drums and … Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

The Grindful Dead – Black Goat Barbecue Bash Edition

Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records has sent me this tape twice (first parcel was lost), as they really wanted me to hear this noise. Obviously, I can’t refuse him. So, after some short research, I found out that The Grindful Dead is a Brazilian grindcore band with deep old school roots. This tape is a re-issue of their demo, but besides the old material, I found a lot of bonus materials. This fresh tape is limited to 50 pieces and has refreshed artwork. The strange thing is, both A and B sides are almost the same; the difference is only … Continue reading The Grindful Dead – Black Goat Barbecue Bash Edition

Assur – In Belgium There Is No Law (Vleesklak Records)

The Belgian scene is primarily known for iconic grind bands such as Agathocles, Mucus or Leng Tch’e, but there is one more band that I want to introduce you to. Meet Assur; raw grindcore with death metal influences that are located in Antwerp city. This band started in 2005, and according to information on the web they were not so active. Truly underground boys, haha! I guess that’s why I only just found Assure. I got a huge box from Vleesklak Records with different promos, there I found “In Belgium There Is No Law”. To be honest, it’s not the … Continue reading Assur – In Belgium There Is No Law (Vleesklak Records)