Butcher M.D. (31.10.16)

Heeey man, what’s up?? Is it cold out there? How is your domesticated bear doing??? Hello everyone who is into BUTCHER M.D. and reads this bullshit! It is fucking cold here nearly as the ninth round of hell, so I had to kill my domesticated bear, eat his flesh and make something to wear out of it. While you are extremely busy at work you still have some time to do music, please tell us what can we expect from BMD? Actually I have no time to do music, hopefully I will have some time soon to do new stuff. … Continue reading Butcher M.D. (31.10.16)

Out Now On Cadaveric Dissolution Records!!!

Butcher M.D. / Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy Distrophy – Pathological Gambling Tape.Lysergic Rites Of Sadopriest – Altar Pigs For Mongorrhoid: Demos & Unreleased Sewage Discography Tape. For All Questions Or Suggestions, Please Write To: cadavericdissolutionrecords@gmail.com Continue reading Out Now On Cadaveric Dissolution Records!!!


Butcher M.D. is a goregrind project formed in Ryazan (Russia) by Kirill “Maestro” Samoylov (Guitar, Bass, Programming). It is heavily influenced by RGTE, LDOH, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage etc. BMD is a studio project and has no intention to do live shows. After the search for a fitting vocalist, Kirill wrote Erwin de Groot (SMES, ex-LDOH, etc…) to help him out. In the beggining of February 2014 the band comes up with 5-track demo which would be used on split with slovakian Distrophy later. Year after this split was released by Cadaveric Dissolution (Russia). From May to July tracks for Hyperemesis and … Continue reading BUTCHER M.D.!