Deboned / Striver

Oh, these canadians, they can make you laugh! Just look at the cover art, ahaha. What an unattractive woman, and this drunk naked and dirty man is supposed to be her boyfriend, ahaha!) I open it and there in “thanks” part I see «no thanks to Devost for spoiling Star Wars», oh, I remember that moment, Deboned vocalist have made some fun of Disney SW fans, ahahah!) Hm, I went offtop, sorry… in short this is a split with two good canadian bands which was released by force of bunch of labels all over the world (which shows that by … Continue reading Deboned / Striver

Jugular Scars/Vengeance (Bonobo Stomp, Dirty Guys Rock, Nuclear Alcoholocaust )

This is a great split in terms of get-up, everything’s done on a firm paper and has a stylish color performance. Holding it in your hands is a true joy.First band that opens up this split is Jugular Scars from harsh city of Quebec. Their music has elements of punk, powerviolence and some grindcore. Their songs are short and full of energy. Vocals reminded me of Spazz and Infest (the American one, of course). Also I should note coherent guitars that doesn’t sound too brutal and over-the-top and fits perfectly. And one more pleasant addition here is a crunchy bass. … Continue reading Jugular Scars/Vengeance (Bonobo Stomp, Dirty Guys Rock, Nuclear Alcoholocaust )