BOLO – Warriors Of Peace

I’m pretty late with this review. I know, but I can’t avoid writing something about this interesting album. So why is this tape so special and interesting? The fact of powerviolence in post Soviet countries is interesting in itself, because this genre is very rare there. This small band is based in the west part of Russia, these guys live in St. Petersburg, The “Warriors Of Peace” is their 5th work. And I must admit that BOLO has mutated in something different. I’m sure that this was a new page in their history. These noises are very different from their … Continue reading BOLO – Warriors Of Peace

Bolo & Phenolhouse (Go Tape, Atomon)

To be honest, I was a bit confused by the cover of this cassette. At first I thought that I hold a release of some psychedelic doom rock band, the image looks so much like that. But the familiar logo of Saint-Petersburgers gave me some clear understanding that I am wrong. The whole shit begins with Phenolhouse from Moscow. I never heard of these guys, but they are playing a very interesting … I would call it a mixture of powerviolence, noise-rock and it is very funny thing. 5 tracks that combine chaotic riffs, noisy sound and a good skill … Continue reading Bolo & Phenolhouse (Go Tape, Atomon)

Bolo – Red Cross (Gears That Turn)

This St. Petersburg band isn’t anything new for me. But it was a pleasant surprise that their Red Cross EP’ came on vinyl (more and more different groups of post-soviet countries release their music on vinyl, and this is realy nice). I was a little surprised by the cover of this release (the Surgery on cerebellum and removing it), this image may be suitable more for the Brazilian butchers Rancid Flesh, but not for Russian powerviolence gang. Music that this guys have made is very distinctive in some cases. Guitar riffs feel like a heavy hangover from counterfeit russian vodka. … Continue reading Bolo – Red Cross (Gears That Turn)

BOLO – Frustration (Sukma Records)

This is a rare one of a gueat on our pages. Ever heard of russian powerviolence, anyone? No? Then have a listen. A wave of old music ressurection went throught not only metal but other genres. Now it is the time for powerviolence. As far as I know, BOLO is a two-piece formation. Happy about the fact there still are bands on post-USSR field, on the cover art we can see some morbid building, maybe there is a story behind it, I have no idea! Can’t really tell anything about it, but inlay is done pretty unusual, someone used a … Continue reading BOLO – Frustration (Sukma Records)