Blastasfuk is Australia’s premiere grindcore label working with many old and new bands from the country and around the world. Expect only the best music in this and related styles. blogBlastasfuk fbBlastasfuk bc RELEASES: BAF001 – Undinism – Live At The Green Room 01 05 04BAF002 – Noisear – Red Tape Agenda ‎(CD)BAF003 – Hutt / Noisear / GateBAF004 – Hatred Surge – Collection 2005-2007 ‎(CD, Comp)BAF005 – White Eyes – Beastmode BAF006 – Chainsaw To The Face – Agonizing Pain And Perpetual Misery ‎‎(CD, Comp)BAF007 – Lycanthrophy – Collection 1998-2009 ‎(CD, Comp)BAF008 – The Kill – Blast Beat’n The … Continue reading BLASTASFUK!

Agathocles/Wóda i Pety (Blast Of Truth Records)

You can say anything about all these countless splits of Agathocles and how you got tired of this, but to me this is how it always been and I’m totally OK with it! Besides, you can always find some cool underground bands you didn’t know about thanks to these splits, and it’s no exception in this case. I didn’t know much about crust scene in Poland, and BOOM here we have pretty cool band (also band members are not so young there, looking at the photos). They play crust and make it sound really oldschool. No fancy solos, no harmonic … Continue reading Agathocles/Wóda i Pety (Blast Of Truth Records)

Grotesque Organ Defilement – Body Horror (Blastasfuk Grindcore)

When I just learnt about these canadian raw flesh eaters and beer grandmasters are writing their first full-length album in the studio, I had to prepare my body and mind. I have seriously waited for this for a long long time. These two tracks uploaded on GOD bandcamp were listened for hundreds of times. Full-length album is always a huge gap in every band’s history. So I was waiting Body Horror to come out. I heard Roby (Blastasfuk) had some difficulties releasing this one, rumors about pressing plant were spreading: they tried to load Roby with fake cd’s. I really … Continue reading Grotesque Organ Defilement – Body Horror (Blastasfuk Grindcore)