Sociasylum – Crossroads

Sociasylum is a new band from Estonia, playing none other than new age Grindcore. The band was formed in 2011, and Crossroads is their second album. I must admit, these guys made a lot of preparations for this massive release. The design is nice, dark colors, gloomy concept altogether these components are making a very cool image. Sound is good, a bit modern but loud and fits perfectly to all 11 songs. When I put this CD into my stereo I had to increase the volume, because I wanted to consume the atmosphere of this album. This Blackened Grind/Hardcore can … Continue reading Sociasylum – Crossroads

Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

The gloomy land of Finland has given birth to many great bands. Yes, this country is mostly known for its metal bands, but there (in the deepest and darkest caves) are many interesting grind and near grind squads. So today we will listen a really heavy (almost 100 gram! hahah) split 7” with two unordinary bands. As with almost all Finnish extreme albums/releases this 7” has a dark atmosphere and noticeable influence from black metal. I do not want to torture you with long and empty words, so allow me to start with the first band – Napam Ted! This … Continue reading Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration – Long Live The New Flesh! (Uterus Productions)

I found this CD in a big pack from the Italian Gore label and I really can’t say that I was not excited to have it. I never much liked this band, but anyway I will try to write with maximum honesty (without any prejudice) words about this album. If I remember right this French project consist of only one person. The guy tagged his music as Goregrind, but it sound more like primitive black metal. Honestly just listen the first track… I’m pretty sure that he is trying to create something close to the creativity of Llymphatic Phlegm, but, … Continue reading Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration – Long Live The New Flesh! (Uterus Productions)


“We started to play together in 2014 as a groove/thrash metal band. In about 2 years we made few songs and recorded them, but they didn’t feel powerful enough. So our drummer took his old Boss HM-2 out from the drawer when we were at rehearsals and the guitarist tried it, and we were immediatly sold. Then the music started to take form into a faster and brutal course. We didn’t want to get stuck in a narrow style, we just want to make songs that sound evil and are fun to play, it can be fast or slow.” Contact: … Continue reading Lionskull

Discophobia / Slecht ‎(Vleesklak Records)

It’s impossible to release only good stuff all the time, something messy and shitty can always happen. After listening to this material I understood that this split is one of the worst Vleesklak Records releases. I never heard these bands before so I didnt expect nothing speсial from them… but I still would like to ask one big question “why would someone release something like that on vinyl?”… Discophobia – if I understand correctly it`s one more project from belgian maniac who`s standing behind VRV band. Honestly I have tried to listen to that stuff but I havent found any … Continue reading Discophobia / Slecht ‎(Vleesklak Records)

Backwoods Butcher Records!

Backwoods Butcher Records isn’t a real record label; it’s just a name made up to put over the address on my own bands’ releases. After many years of putting out records on other people’s labels, I figured it was time to go back to the true DIY ways and waste my own money putting out my own records again. I don’t sign bands, don’t have a distro, don’t waste money buying ads in stupid heavy metal magazines and don’t do the greasy used car salesman routine on social media. Zero aspirations to do anything other than release my own music.What’s … Continue reading Backwoods Butcher Records!

Stheno – Liberty Crawls In Waste (Everydayhate)

It happened so that I write a review on every release of this greek maniacs, one can say that I’m monitoring and describing every step of them, hehe))) After couple of splits and one EP it is clear that these guys should move forward. And it is absolutely predictable and logically that Polish label Everydayhate got its hands on their first long-playing album. So, what do we have here? Well, the guys wrote 13 songs for their first real baby (not bad). The first thing which your eye notices is the art which is beautiful in some way. It is … Continue reading Stheno – Liberty Crawls In Waste (Everydayhate)


Stheno is a Grindcore/Black metal/Crust band from Greece.Formed in December of 2013 in Volos from the members of Bedlam&Unfit earth. First EP 7inch released in June 2014 and the second EP 7ich split with Grassroll released in November 2014, the band made four concerts and in the winter of 2015 the militia is ready to hit the studio and create the first Full length album that will be different than this what Stheno were doing till now,more extreme –more fast- more violent-more BLACKENED! Bandcamp     Facebook Continue reading STHENO!

Gonkulator ‎– Reborn Through Evil (Fudgeworthy Records)

Welcome to the category “sometimes they’re coming back.” It took american psychos from Gonkulator long 10 years to spit out this new full-length stinking bunch of noise. Quite interesting feature of the album is the fact that it is divided into 2 parts, each contains 5 tracks. Baron Side begins with epic music from 70s movie (at least it seems to me that I’ve heard it somewhere). And then something really evil begins. Certainly, the info booklet mentions that Gonkulator plays noise-black, but in my opinion there’s a lot more stuff mixed here. To me there is plenty of good … Continue reading Gonkulator ‎– Reborn Through Evil (Fudgeworthy Records)

The Vanishing Act / G.O.D. (Self release)

In the last couple of years the Canadian scene reminds me of some footage from the film about the aliens (the point where the queen lays a lot of eggs), there is more and more new bands appearing, and older groups are shaking their old bones as well. The Vanishing Act fully confirms its name, these guys were away for a couple of years and now here you are, a new fresh split with G.O.D. (Album, which made a lot of noise last year). The interesting thing is that the guys are not only sharing the space on split, they … Continue reading The Vanishing Act / G.O.D. (Self release)

Stheno & Grassroll

Apparently, Greece is not only about myths and legends, but also about cool grindcore bands! I was very interested in this split and I was really looking forward to it. Mostly because I was interested in Stheno’s stuff on this split. And, well, I can’t say that I’m disappointed, but I got used to the fact that Greek musicians always make awesome and stylish arts (even on grindcore releases), but here we can see “usual” crust-art with a lot of “war things”, destruction and humanity’s being crippled. But, as we all know, don’t judge the book by its cover.I should … Continue reading Stheno & Grassroll

Begrime Exemious / Flash Out (Filth Regime Records)

This split has got a high concentration of Canadian singularity… When listening I was afraid to be dashed with maple syrup,hehe! Joking aside, this release is quite a great collaborative work of two Canadian bands. Despite the fact that all sources of information call Begrime Exemious a black/death metal band, I strongly feel punk moiety here. Unfortunately there are only two tracks. The first one -“Extinguished”, begins with rather trite monotonous guitar lick, but then guys slip into a fucking wicked quality! Here we get oldscool punk, some black metal and cemeterial stink of death metal. Simple, but enjoyable solos, rude vocals… just goodly. In patches guys are rising … Continue reading Begrime Exemious / Flash Out (Filth Regime Records)

Stheno ‎– Damnation Is Forever

Good Guys Go Grind continues its adventure into the deepest parts of Greek mythology, booze and grindcore bands 🙂 Today we’re listening to the first release of young Greek band Stheno. These guys decided to start off with vinyl EP (of course, it’s very popular nowadays, but still, right off the bat with vinyl, that’s pretty rare). And the name of this release is Damnation is Forever! It was supported by Scull Crasher label (also from Greece), alongside with three other labels. One noticeable feature about Greek scene is black metal influences and attention to great art covers. Sometimes I wonder if … Continue reading Stheno ‎– Damnation Is Forever