Expurgo – "Deformed By Law" is out!

Eight years after the release of the classic “Burial Ground” and very close to the band’s first European tour the exponents of the national Grind Core, the mining machine of destruction is ready for the release of their second album “Deformed by Law.” “We wanted to represent with this cover the dimension of how laws can manipulate us to the point of disfiguring us, deforming us. Then the question remains: who do the laws, institutions, and all the economic and legal apparatus that serve there? is it? That is, the illustration serves even as a provocation, to really disturb. ” … Continue reading Expurgo – "Deformed By Law" is out!

Desalmado / Homicide (Black Hole Productions)

Who wants some Brazilian underground atmosphere and some local grindcore?) Black Hole Productions puts out a release with their compatriots Desalmado and Homicide, and both bands truly deserves attention. But first let’s talk about the artwork. It is the first time I see artwork from Marcelo Augusto, and he really surprised me here. His attention to details makes this artwork stand out. Theme of hammering some false values in human brains mixed with some fantastical machinery, really cool. First band presented on this CD is Desalmado. After some time while listening to them I realized that these guys are really … Continue reading Desalmado / Homicide (Black Hole Productions)

Subterror – Antropomortum (Black Hole Productions)

I must admit that the boss of Black Hole Productions was right when he decided to release a fresh album of Subterror. I just discovered this band for myself, but it looks like my stone heart began to melt, hahaha! This album by Antropomortum is really worth listening to. It has perfect balance in cover art (okay theme of this picture is absolutely not new but it is very cool and one can say that this art is beautiful) and also it has a great balance in music part. I don’t know why but in Brazil bands really know how … Continue reading Subterror – Antropomortum (Black Hole Productions)

Expurgo – Burial Ground (Black Hole Productions)

Today we will take a look at another excellent grindcore band from Brazil! As we all know, underground grindcore scene in this country is very strong and today I want to review a band called Expurgo and their album “Burial Ground”. Of course, this album is not new but it is worthy of attention. A whole 29 (!) tracks will be pounding on you with every its might! These guys did not create anything new, but their music is very good! It’s very decently played, and beside classic grindcore it could be heard that the guys are under influence from … Continue reading Expurgo – Burial Ground (Black Hole Productions)

Facada – Nadir (Black Hole prod)

Brazil is a very prolific land. Last couple of years I was finding so many great bands there! I can’t say about other genres, but grindcore-scene in Brazil is astonishing! Pretty famous label Black Hole Production released third LP of their compatriots Facada! Their music is like a huge rock that broke from the mountain and implacably running down into the little village near the mountain. 20 tracks, including intro, smack you to death! Very blasting grindcore, the band don’t slow down a bit and wrecks apart my loudspeakers! There is no complicated guitar riffs or some jazzy-inspired drums, Facada … Continue reading Facada – Nadir (Black Hole prod)