Days of Desolation – Circles

The waiting is over, finally, Belgian crust-grind warriors Days of Desolation released their second full-length! Must admit this work is fucking monumental, the material is more mature and more complicated (mostly in songwriting moments). Same with the cover art! Jasper has done super-powerful work with a strong dark atmosphere and a ton of small nice details! Small spoiler, you will get a poster if you`ll buy that record, hehe. The vinyl has a pleasant sound too, so the pressing plant didn`t fucked up. But let’s switch to a more detailed analysis of this album. First of all, I want to … Continue reading Days of Desolation – Circles

Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Do you remember Romeros movies? Do you remember how the dead came back to life? Sometimes it happens with old bands. Moldy Grind bastards Psychoneurosis are here again! This Polish squad is legendary, and it`s nice to see them alive. For the reunion split release they picked up Agathocles, well known noise terrorists from Belgium. All this noise was released under Selfmadegod records in CD format. I must say the result is very pleasant. 2 pieces of cover art (you can switch them to your own taste), band photos, lyrics and more. But in total we have here only 12 … Continue reading Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Marxbros / Travølta

What could hide under artwork like this? Anarchopostpunkreggae? Funny grind? Nope – guys we have here a strong hardcore/violence 12” with two young but not stupid bands. Of course the cover is mostly a joke and it could push you away from this release, but I assure you, this noise is worth of your time. No more words, I’m putting this pitch black vinyl on my turntable and pressing the button! Netherland guys with the strange name Marxbros are on side A; we’ll start with them. After a few songs I realized that this noise reminds me of real hardcore, … Continue reading Marxbros / Travølta

Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

So, what kind of music does a band with such a name play? Hard rock? Pornogrind? Cyberturboscat grind? Well you’re not even close. These Belgian bastards make fun of politic and social topics. This band is active since 2012, they have 2 albums, both of them were released at famous Rotten Roll Rex. Analhu Akbar was vomited from the factory two month ago, so it’s still warm. I like this art, it looks neutral to me. I mean there are no vaginas, dicks or other bullshit. It’s just dirty terrorists and innocent victims, everything dedicated strictly to the album theme. … Continue reading Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

Agathocles – Commence To Mince (Selfmadegod rec)

Agathocles is pretty much an iconic band… they’ve been around forever. They are a very well known band, mostly because they are the inventors of mincecore, and they have massive discography. I believe they have more than 600 releases, it’s a huge result for 30 years of existence. Today I will talk about their “Commence To Mince” album, this is the last full length at the moment (but maybe they are working on a new one while I’m writing this review, who knows?). The art for this album (I’m talking about CD version) has a very dumb design, haha! Ag … Continue reading Agathocles – Commence To Mince (Selfmadegod rec)

Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Legendary mincecore veterans from Belgium team up with grind/noise duo from Japan for a split release! It was just a matter of time when both bands would join their forces and share the material on any physical format. AGx offer 10 songs recorded in 2016/2017 and SSS with “Tribute To Agathocles” side come with 4 covers songs of… Agathocles! More info is HERE! Continue reading Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Gewoon Fucking Raggen / Travolta (Loner Cult Records)

Put a few musicians into a room together, and it’s almost guaranteed they’re going to start a jam session. Then throw 2 bands into that same room, and its pretty much a done deal, theyll be making a split!)) A split which will show you the furious power of fast hardcore. Yes, boys and girls I’m talking about the teamwork of Gewoon Fucking Raggen (Netherlands) and Travolta (Belgium). This split definitely contains noise that is so fast the A-side became the B-side, and thats so wicked! I dont know whos idea it was to put the main image in so … Continue reading Gewoon Fucking Raggen / Travolta (Loner Cult Records)

Split Agathocles / Psychoneurosis is out!

Two grindcore veterans team up for a killer split release! Agathocles from Belgium comes with 5 songs recorded partly in 2005 and 2017. Raw and fierce grind/mincecore at its best. Psychoneurosis originated in 1991 came back to life after several years of absence with 7 fresh songs recorded March 2017. And just like decades ago it’s pure old school grindcore that kicks ass! CD limited to 500 copies. Vinyl version coming mid 2018. Released by Selfmadegod rec! Continue reading Split Agathocles / Psychoneurosis is out!

Hellkrusher / Visions Of War (Power it Up)

Okay Crust lovers keep your pants tight because today we will listen to a very cool split from two very cool bands. Bands with great history and big experience in making punk noise. Old Hellkrusher is the first band which will attack us. These crust punk veterans presented two very toxic songs. Hellkrusher does not depart from their traditions, they continue to destroy this world with their noisy music. Fuck, from the very first second that bass guitar sound just struck my heart… it sounds so adorable. Also just check those buzzing riffs and guitar solos I have a feeling … Continue reading Hellkrusher / Visions Of War (Power it Up)

Agathocles / G.O.D.

I believe that idea of this split was born when the Agathocles visited Canada (and had a gig with GOD of course). So here we are, 1000 copies on nice 4-panel Digipak with folded single sided insert for Agathocles in the right pocket. Cover art for this Cd was made by Polish artist. What can I say…I really love the way he mixed the most famous covers of both bands. The Maciej Kamuda did a great job again! This monkey and monsters from the “Thing” looks so badass! Bravo! Both sides of this split are live records. AG brought something … Continue reading Agathocles / G.O.D.

Marginal – Chaos and Anarchy

There is a lot of bands with Marginal name on our planet. But today we will try to introduce to you Belgian marginal band 🙂 The name of this album pretty typical like for the crust band. Lyrics full of hate for human affairs…. hmm I already heard those things many times but this theme still kicking me. About whole design and main art we can probably say that’s a classic one. All executed in the best traditions: black and whit colors, nuclear blast, war, death and desolation… And also we have here a cute character (which plays here the … Continue reading Marginal – Chaos and Anarchy

Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs

The first thing that caught my attention in this release is a photo on the cover. Hell, I’ve seen a lot of things but such action I see for the first time. I do not know what kind of sick mind could come up with to harness the hippo in the wagon. Ahah, weird stuff))) On this split you will find a confluence of two strange powerful violence bands from Belgium and Argentina. Perhaps I’ll start from the Prisoner 639. With using only bass and drums the music of these guys that sounds very hard and noisy. Their powerful violence … Continue reading Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs

Discophobia / Slecht ‎(Vleesklak Records)

It’s impossible to release only good stuff all the time, something messy and shitty can always happen. After listening to this material I understood that this split is one of the worst Vleesklak Records releases. I never heard these bands before so I didnt expect nothing speсial from them… but I still would like to ask one big question “why would someone release something like that on vinyl?”… Discophobia – if I understand correctly it`s one more project from belgian maniac who`s standing behind VRV band. Honestly I have tried to listen to that stuff but I havent found any … Continue reading Discophobia / Slecht ‎(Vleesklak Records)