Deboned formed in late 2012 with Etienne on guitar, P-A on bass and Alex on vocals. Later on, in early 2013, Yan X would join on drums to complete the band. After a few rehearsals, Deboned was born and ready to do their first show with Death Metal legends, Vital Remains. After that show, the guys entered the studio to record their self-titled demo CDr released by the end of the year on Human Disgrace Records.Receiving an great response on the internet, Deboned started to play for most part outside of their area. After a few gigs in Trois-Rivières and … Continue reading DEBONED!


Halitosis started in 2013, as a side effect of compulsive self destruction ceremonies titled ‘jam sessions’ of three of the current members. Shortly after some songs and ideas were sorted out, we recruited a second guitarist. We ventured outside our shithole country twice for shorter-longer periods in the meantime, without having an actual physical release. Although we recorded like 2-3 demos which all came out shit, we finally managed to finalize our first official demo or whatever, titled ‘DECLINE OF NEURAL DEVELOPMENT’ in october of 2015. Halitosis bandcamp Continue reading Halitosis!


Thanatopsis is a two-piece pathological goregrind band, with one member from Brazil and one from Sweden. Formed in 2010, they play in the vein and take major influence from classics, like Carcass, Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Pathologist, Necrony or Ulcerous Phlegm, as well as from newer bands like Autophagia, Feculent Goretomb, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Lymphatic Phlegm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, etc. Short and to-the-point songs, very chaotic, messy, crusty, disgusting, noisy and pulverizing; all the key ingredients that make them exceptionally authentic of the early goregrind days. Even though Thanatopsis is a relatively new band, they’ve already proven to … Continue reading Thanatopsis!


Acid Feast is a three piece Grind/Gore band out of Seattle, Washington USA (Jimmy-Guitar/Vocals, Drew-Drums and Brandon-Bass) some influences are Regurgitare, Dead infection, Malignant tumor ect.. So far we’ve released a 2014 demo,Horrendous Miscreation split tape on Thirdeyegrind,Girth split tape on Nihilistic Despair/Raincitygrindcore and a split tape with Bob plant on Mullet death records. Back in March we went on a 2 week west coast tour w/Bob plant(nor cal mincers) As of now we are getting ready to record a split with Glob from Texas and writing for a split with our brothers in grind Of corpse(seattle death metal/gore) some other … Continue reading ACID FEAST!


Butcher M.D. is a goregrind project formed in Ryazan (Russia) by Kirill “Maestro” Samoylov (Guitar, Bass, Programming). It is heavily influenced by RGTE, LDOH, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage etc. BMD is a studio project and has no intention to do live shows. After the search for a fitting vocalist, Kirill wrote Erwin de Groot (SMES, ex-LDOH, etc…) to help him out. In the beggining of February 2014 the band comes up with 5-track demo which would be used on split with slovakian Distrophy later. Year after this split was released by Cadaveric Dissolution (Russia). From May to July tracks for Hyperemesis and … Continue reading BUTCHER M.D.!


Active Stenosis is a one-man machine-driven goregrind formation from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2009, AS starts by splitting a cdr with russian noisecore act Pissdeads delivering a barrage of 20 unlistenable noisy tracks, afterwards changing it’s style to a : approximately structured goregrind. From 2010 to 2012 some free download compilation of unreleased tracks and split-tapes with Hyperemesis and Meatus saw the light of the day. In 2013 AS delivers a 19-track EP called “Final Histopathology Report” which is released by the band itself and few other CIS diy labels (re-released on pro-tape in 2015 by Cadaverous Dissolution) and contributes … Continue reading ACTIVE STENOSIS!


The band took off in the early 87′ with members playing death metal covers and doing some original songs. With Azizi-guitar, Yazid-guitar, Dol-bass and Maiden-drums. This line up did few jamming but no releases as some members quit and join other death metal acts. Then the bands took off again with another line up with Dol switching to drums and Botak of Living Corpse zine’ editor as vocals. They add Zul in bass and did a reh/demo “Mastectomy” in the early 90′.Although the sound turn out bad they received good response from the underground listeners. After that reh/demo the bands … Continue reading DEMISOR!

2 Minuta Dreka!

2001 – 2004The band’s path of obscenity starts in 2001 when the first two founders Jack Off and Wally-ache (Ass-Ache/Calvary) meet up and decide to break the boredom of a barely existing italian grind scene, starting a new grind noise project called 2 MINUTA DREKA (2 Minutes of Shit) as a tribute to the glorious 90’s noisecore acts which influenced the band for the first 4 years of existence. Consolidating the line up with 2 new members (Enkigroar on guitar and Cisco the Hellspawn on bass), the band started an enormous quantity of live sets staking everything on the extreme … Continue reading 2 Minuta Dreka!


It all started from the ashes of a madness ending in the beginning of 2010, when Jallas, came in to the picture to form a new constellation together with Tom and Oskar along with the mad punk and anti-authoritarian behavior in the “Scam everything”-collective. Later on Pancho joined the band to put Oskar strictly on vocals. Some time passed without anything new, partly due to Toms jail sentence. Even though drums were recorded for the demo recording. Problems in the logistics became the reason we did not manage to finish the recording. We had to make some changes since Pancho … Continue reading CRUTCHES!


Jagernaut formed in Athens, Greece on September 2010 with the intention to play old-school crust/grind influenced by bands such as Disrupt, Destroy and Phobia. So far, Jagernaut have released a split tape with Hello Bastards (U.K), a split 7″ with Terlarang (Malaysia) and a split 7″ with Zvarna (Greece). Future plans include a split cd with Agamenon Project (Brazil) and a split 7″ with Xamos (Greece). Our goal as a band is to confuse as many people as possible by providing them with more life-changing questions than they can handle while bomarding them with blast beats.  The people behind this lame band … Continue reading JAGERNAUT!

Stomachal Corrosion!

The StomachalCorrosion began in January 1991 and remains one of the oldest extreme bands from Brazil, fitting in Grind Core style. Since its early days has been accumulating materials released in all formats, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as several live performances in many cities around the country. His major releases are: Split CD with the Belgian band Agathocles, Split CD with fellow belgian Jan AGX, CD 4 Way titled Grind Attack; full length CD “Transtorno Obsceno Repulsivo” and Split LP with the band Disarm from Santa Bárbara D’Oeste (SP, Brazil), where the founder and guitarist of Stomachal … Continue reading Stomachal Corrosion!


Putasos was started In City Terrace, Los Angeles CA in 2012 By Shamus Miller and Alf Norris (Underground Alliance). Went thru numerous bassist and drummer changes until landing on David Estrada (currently in Human Obliteration) on bass, and then a few months later in early 2014 were introduced to Jimi Hughes (Human Obliteration, EX-Nerve Grind) By Mark Perez of Out Of Tune. After playing many shows/festivals/camp outs, with conflicting schedules to other bands Alf Norris left earlier this year (2015), and was replaced By Tony C. Of local LA Thrash legends SMD. Over the course of 2 1/2 or so … Continue reading Putasos!


Infest is a grindcore band born in 2003 in the Bask country. At the begining,influenced by grind crust bands, Infest released his first album “Feel the rage” in 2007 witch allowed the band to grow and establish their name in the european stage. The second album “Moshroom” was released in 2009 with a sharper grindcore sound. The tours go one after the others in europe. After visiting 18 country and share the stage with many bands, including Sepultura, Gojira, Napalm Death … Infest comes back in 2013 to kick some ass, with their 3rd album “The next will be yours”in collaboration with … Continue reading INFEST


In the country known as Italy the NEID was born in 2007 from the ashes of some local bands active since 90’s years in the hardcore underground scene (Tmd, Manifold, Flopdown..) with Guru Renato (vox) Capò (drums) il Socio (bass) Giulia (guitar till 2010, now Saturnine & Olim Palus) and Serafino (guitar till 2008, now Hostiliter). They were one of the first bands in Viterbo and Tuscia land to play raw and grinding fastcore with Italian old school hc influences and they recorded a couple of do it yourself works (one Mcd and two Cd Split self-produced through their personal … Continue reading Neid!

Carnal Diafragma!

Carnal Diafragma begins its first attempts to compose music in 1997, when three schoolmates Robert and Kamen decided to create a new underground band. Robert played the guitar in Ostravian death metal band CADAVEROUS NOISE, Kamen bought his drums and a month later Milan joined the band with his anomalous vocal. This line-up played until the beginning of 1999 and 3 various bassguitar-players tried to play there. The band released its first demo tape called “We´ll cut your head off and fucking your neck” at the beginning of 1999, which had been recorded in their practice room without bass. Their … Continue reading Carnal Diafragma!


Dilution is a 4 piece band from Italy/USA born as homage to Japan grind-fastcore. They are born in 2014 and feature members of Sick/Tired, xKATExMOSHx, Neid, Disforia. Their debut self-titled 7’’ has been released in summer 2015 thanks to the the collaboration of Eatshitbuydie (Netherland), 83 Records (Poland), Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder (UK), Pan Del Muerte Records (USA), Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (USA) and the Italian labels Aima Records, Bad Feeling Records, Dead rasputin prod., Nuts Tapes, Rebound Action. Single tracks are also available in the 12’’ compilation “Crash Mandolino” and “Noise from hell vol. 9”. They played only 3 … Continue reading Dilution!


Born in Cuneo (Northern Italy) in Summer 2008, featuring two members from Italian brutal death band Septycal Gorge, Ape Unit has always been focused on mixing grinding powerviolence, speed and noisy dissonant riffs, inspired by well-known acts such as Terrorizer, Siege and early Napalm Death, with sparks of insanity brought by bands like The Jesus Lizard and Arab on Radar. After an appearance on some compilation, they release their first EP, Albert, in 2010. After some line up changes, in September 2012 a DIY conspiracy allows the monkey collective to release their first album, Unforgivable Holidays, under coproduction of TADCA Records … Continue reading APE UNIT!


Överviolence est 2013: 3 fairly easy-go-along guys with a taste for fast music and eastern europe and a general dislike for generic boring grind and everything else. Been spending their days in bands like Crowpath, Sewn Shut, Tellusian and Widespread Bloodshed and now they focus on shorter songs and faster songs and some more fast short songs.Shortly after the band was put together the first demo was recorded at Studio Tellus with John Rönnerblad, then some local shows. A couple of months later it was once again time to record some tracks for the Expurgo 5″split and the 7″split with Massgrav. Play … Continue reading OVERVIOLENCE!


Founded on 28/ 07/ 1990, 5.30 am, straight after seeing a show with Pungent Stench, Atrocity & Carcass– Based in Rostock, Baltic Sea Coast, Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Germany– 1st show in 08/ 1991– 1st rehearsaldemo in 1991– 1st vinyl-release in 1992– Released several split-tapes, split-ep`s, split-lp`s, split-cd`s, one own ep & 2 albums (2004 & 2013), dozens of compilationtapes,- ep`s, -lp`s,- cd`s– Played about 350 shows in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Wales, USA, Brazil & Peru– Brazil tours with Rot in 1997 & 2000– USA tour with Catheter in 2004 Entrails Massacre fb    … Continue reading ENTRAILS MASSACRE!


Perpetual was a Grindcore band from Sabah, Malaysia formed in 1995 by Zam and Zull as the original members. The band has released several of reh.tape, demo and split tape/cd with some Grindcore band such as Demisor (Singapore), Psychoneurosis (Poland), Torture Incident (Malaysia), MDK (Brazil), Smersh (Russia) and Chronical Apes (Malaysia). Their debut cd album entitled ‘Grind Your Mind’ was released in November 2013. The debut album will become the good sign for the band and earned a high reputation in the global grind/metal scene. Perpetual are:Zam – BassZull – DrumNasir – GuitarPijal – Vocal            … Continue reading PERPETUAL!

Total Vomit Experience!

What became Total Vomit Experience was formed around 2005. The aim was to play the kind of grindcore we listened to as kids, Napalm Death, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror etc. with the lyrics dealing with  issues such, poverty, warmongering, animal and human rights, religion, bigotry and so on. Hometown: Kokkola, Finland Initially we played as a threepiece, Aki on bass and vocals, Tuomas on guitar and Lauri on drums. We recorded a couple of demos by ourselves, played a few local gigs. We had two guitarists for a while, first Juha and after he left, Timo joined.After a while Aki … Continue reading Total Vomit Experience!

Chronic Waste!

Chronic Waste was formed in late 2014 to play grindcore and party hard. The band includes members of Camphora Monobromata, Sram and Tophet. In spring 2015 Chronic Waste started playing shows and recorded its debut EP “Procreation of the Wasted”. lineup: kisel – voxsvyatoslav – drumsivan – guitar Chronic Waste fb           Chronic Waste bandcamp Continue reading Chronic Waste!


Powerxchuck are a 5 piece powerviolence band from Adelaide South Australia. Started in November 2013 with Cheese (Guitar/Vocals), Hannah (Bass). Fryz (Vocals) and Louis (Drums). Heavily influenced by old school powerviolence bands such as: Spazz, No Comment, Infest, Crossed Out, Hellnation, Capitalist Casualties and later PxV bands like To The Point, Eddie Brock, The Afternoon Gentlemen and. Mikey joined on second guitar mid 2014. Powerxchuck fb              Powerxchuck bandcamp Continue reading Powerxchuck!

Alea Iacta Est!

The idea of making a band came up around the year 2003, but because of the lack of instruments our first rehearsal was only in the summer of 2005 in the following line up: Attila (vocals), Péter (bass), Szilárd (guitars). In the beginning we played without drums, but after a short time Sanyi has taken up this position and Stefan has also joined the band choosing the second guitar. Both played in a local punk band called KARAK before they joined us. Our HC/punk based style was changing and later the crust/grind elements started to dominate. In 2007 Peter leaved us … Continue reading Alea Iacta Est!


The Plague Rages is one of the oldest and most active bands in the Brazilian grindcore scene. In active since 1996, the band is musically influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Agathocles, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Extreme Noise Terror, Obituary and many others.In the beginning, the band had some touches of death metal into their sound, with the passage of time, the sound became more focused on grindcore, leaving death metal influences increasingly subtle.The band played numerous concerts throughout the years, including a tour of Brazil in 2011, a mini tour of Chile in 2012 and a tour in Europe in … Continue reading PLAGUE RAGES (Brazil)