Morbid Visions Arts!

Okay folks today we want to present to you another great artist. Alexander Los (also known as drummer of Sram, Warthog, Camphora Monobromata) is author of these paintings. That russian dude working in mince/punk genre, his works are pretty simple but very catchy. For more details just write to:  Continue reading Morbid Visions Arts!

Baixo Calão/SRAM

Do you like some scary radioactive monsters? No? Well, the drummer of a band called Sram from Moscow really loves them. That’s why he created that terrible two-headed creature that is having tasty lunch made of some poor crust punk fan.Brazilians Baixo Calão, well, 2 years ago we did not know anything about them, but a European tour and a show at Obscene Extreme (OEF 2014) improved the situation pretty much. Today I want to review their work done together with the russian Sram. Brazilian headhunters recorded 4 tracks of some wonderful music in the studio. The material is not … Continue reading Baixo Calão/SRAM

Vjölenza / Slag / Baixo Calão (Split CD)

Among a whole bunch of bills and all kinds of advertising crap in my mailbox, I’ve found a parcel from the French label EBC Distro/Prod. It contained this particular CD. I was twisting it in his hands for some time looking at the cover art, then listened to the bands… and I can say that this CD is a good insight into the raw Brazilian underground.It is known that it is very hard to be first ones, either on a live gig or on a split release… But the guys from Vjölenza managed to accomplish this task successfully. Very funny … Continue reading Vjölenza / Slag / Baixo Calão (Split CD)

Baixo Сalao (16.03.14)

Hi there! How’s the weather in sunny Brazil? That cyclone, that froze USA, didn’t get to you?) Hi , Bro ! Here we see the only Cyclone is the corruption cyclone. I was suprised when I first saw your vocalist Leandro. And I really respect this guy, despite his physical condition he still rocks on the scene. How he ended up un Baixo Calao? Some people still are surprised by this, however , the band does not revolve around it. He is the founder of the band , it was he who started the band and named the band, and … Continue reading Baixo Сalao (16.03.14)