Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)

What a cute, orange diy tape, my hands haven’t held such a thing for a long time. In addition to it’s beautiful design, this item contains a good piece of moldic mincecore / grindcore. This release consists exclusively of representatives of the Finnish scene. By the way, for Arroyo this split is final as they decided to split up. It is worth saying that the recording on this cassette is very noisy, but I’ll try to describe the sounds I could hear there. Anyway, our story begins with Arroyo… despite all that mold and filth on the record, their songs … Continue reading Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)


B.O.G. records or Bringer Of Gore records & tapes is a small DIY label located in Belgium. It started summer 2004 as a paper zine. After 3 issues  i started releasing tape & vinyl releases! Mostly mincecore/grindcore/noisecore/harshnoise/goregrind!  CONTACTS:  bringerofgore@hotmail.comOfficial site RELEASES: BOG001: Bringer Of Gore… issue II + double Comp. TAPE “The Review Sessions” SOLD OUTBOG002: VOLITION: Promo CD-R  2005  SOLD OUT                                BOG003: WORLD DOWNFALL: Rehearsal Jan. 2003 TAPE SOLD OUTBOG004: PUTREFIED GENITALIA: “The Dead” TAPE  out BOG005: JAN AG/EXTREEM BLOEDBAD/CANNIBE: 3-way split TAPE outBOG006: EGO … Continue reading BRINGER OF GORE!

Sedem Minut Strachu & Oral Protection split tape

Today my neighbours finally got what is a true noise! Today the wished they never ever came here, ‘cause today I listened to super noisy split of Sedem Minut Stachu / Oral Protection! 2 noisecore bands SMS from Slovakia (with members of Idiots Parade) and OP – from Indonesia!Tape is decorated in cool primitive style, black/white print on generic printer, DIY stickers on the tape itself, just great! Fits perfectly with what’s inside! So, here’s the deal! I think Slovakian band is a great competitor to Japanese band Sete Star Sept. They play with only two basses, so the sound … Continue reading Sedem Minut Strachu & Oral Protection split tape