Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

This noise released by Vleesklak Records (Belgium), Grindfather Productions (UK/Poland), AxRxL (Germany), Zas Autoprodizione (Italy), Punti Scena Records (Italy) & Haunted Hotel Records (USA) Continue reading Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

Alternative Record Label!

Alternative Record Label is a small DIY label from Germany which is 100% dedicated to underground noise. Established in 2013 with a passion for extreme and nasty music. Mostly oriented on supporting noise, grind, crust,but also various other subgenres. Throughout the 5 years since the beginning, A.R.L. are responsible for countless a massive load of tapes and vinyl releases. Contact: facebook alternative-record-label@web.de RELEASES: ARL001-Gall/Vvvnde co release ARL002-We are Sick-7 Palmos ARL003-EddieXMurphy ARL004-Chaki Chan  ARL005-They Murder  ARL006-GI JOKE-Discography Co-Release  ARL007-MoneyXHater/Pure Noise ARL008-MoneyXHater/Agathocles ARL009-ShitnoiseBastards/Teknokrater co release ARL010-Sete Star Sept/CxTxD ARL011-Mored ARL012-Shinju ARL013-Kill-O-Vision ARL014-Tenchu-Discography ARL015-Extreme Smoke 57/Deflowered Cunt co release ARL016-Deche Charge/Noise Brutalizer … Continue reading Alternative Record Label!