Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Wow it`s a really tight split! Both bands are a good examples of harsh and blast grindcore. Both they are full of ferocity, speed and deadly power. So lets put this vinyl on my turntable and switch on this hell! Side A – Dead Issue. This guys are one the best representatives of USA grindcore bands. This squad is manned with fragments from Bloody Phoenix & Endless Demise (so you can imagine what will be waiting for you, haha!). But for the first deal lets look at the cover. Hmm I guess this time guys tried to be as primitive as … Continue reading Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

This split will be out (hopefully) in the end of spling and this wax will be released thru: Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench /  Autistic Society System Records / Grindfather Productions / Blastbeat Worship Tapes /  Repulsive Medias Continue reading Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!