Slund / Maggot Bath

What is common in Australia and Slovenia? You should listen this release to understand it. Here is a split CD with two cute bands from opposite sides of our planet. When I first saw this stuff on the internet I was confused because of the cover art – the whole design is an ode to deadly form of smallpox. All of the images are really creepy, and it’s hard to believe how painful and discomforting this illness is. So I expected to hear some gore tunes, but I was mistaken. Both squads are playing grindcore, but not a classic one; … Continue reading Slund / Maggot Bath

Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Vicious Circle were formed in Melbourne in 1983, this band is a living legend of violent Hardcore Punk. And it’s fucking great that Power It Up Records picked them up for “The History Of Australian 80’s Punk”. This reissue looks amazing, gate fold, colored vinyl and a huge booklet with old photos, posters and tons of information. Vicious Circle was honored to start this historical Vol 1, which contains the first two albums from the VC discography, 28 songs in total. Note that all of these bullets are charged with raw aggression and protesting spirit. This double LP is a … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Meth Leppard ​/​ Deterioration

What could you expect from two grind bands which are located at diferentes continents? Of course you will be expecting some powerful noise and that is only logical. But, what if these bands know each other? With no doubt they will do a split Todays heroes are Meth Leppard from Australian and Deterioration from the USA. I bet you all know these guys, and many of you have shared a beer with them during their tours… Awesome guys and bands, let’s find out what have they recorded in their basements. So according to marks on this vinyl, we should play … Continue reading Meth Leppard ​/​ Deterioration

Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Shitgrinder is the most diabolical and fucked in the head band you will hear today! What you’ll hear when you press play is pure unhinged sonic punishment that will become an audio drug that will leave you in a state of disarray. Eternal Death is freaking smashing; with no doubt this is one of the fastest albums from to ever come out of Australia. After the scratchy intro, heavy riffs start and keep the songs rolling towards the end. This is what I call jaw dropping Grind. The blast beats are alive and fresh, without any digital trigger bullshit. Guitar … Continue reading Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Perdition – Not Just Another Anthology

The good old label from the mainland Power It Up started to re-release some old and good punk rock releases a few years ago. I’ve reviewed some of these releases previously, but now I finally got my hands on their top notch release – The great collection of Australian punk. It’s something like am audio encyclopedia with the title “Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about dirtiest Australian punk”, haha! This is the second issue and it’s dedicated to the band Perdition. These moldy old punks are still around, and they are still playing shows and … Continue reading Perdition – Not Just Another Anthology

Take That Vile Fiend – Excreted Brain Matters

Now, in all honesty, this isn’t the fastest or heaviest gore album on the market today. But, that’s in no way a bad thing. With Excreted Brain Matters, Take That Vile Fiend have displayed some of the best noisewriting I’ve heard from the gore scene in a long while. They have found what is quite possibly the perfect combination of speed, vomit, aggression, heaviness and rottenes. Funny fact: the cover image is really gory but in not even close to these what is hiding inside. Brad and Nik created a messy, dirty, smelly and super ugly beast.    I would go … Continue reading Take That Vile Fiend – Excreted Brain Matters

The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

One gloomy day years ago, four dirty minds from Japan and Australia met together and decided to form a band. This decision would not only change their lives, but it will make a huge damage in grindheads minds. Through the course of 21 tracks, The Borkenlayne absolutely tear it up. Pain Is The Fearminder is a phenomenal deathgrind, or maybe deathgore record. If you haven’t heard gored deathgrind yet and you like grind, then this is a great introduction. An epic “Oceanic Thrust” opens this gate to hell and then it drags us into the black void of boiling obscurity. … Continue reading The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

Maggot Cave – EP

If we’re going to be honest here, over the years I’ve bought a number of records purely because of the album art. And you know what? I’m a total sucker for plain black and red covers, so when the 7″ EP from Maggot Cave showed up at my door, I was pretty excited. This EP is 12 tracks of Australian grindcore, comprised of 4 guys from Sydney. Since we’re already talking about the art, let’s look at the rest of the package. The art on the front of the cardstock fold shows a couple of flies fucking on a skull … Continue reading Maggot Cave – EP

Fissure / Shackles (Dead Heroes rec)

It’s rare to see such lovely looking vinyl – a black base with white streaks/metastases… of course this is not a regular pressing, and I must admit that Dead Heroes has good taste. As for the bands and music, we have here two squads from different sides of the globe. Hardcore/pv boys Fissure are from the US and chaotic grinders Shackles are from Australia. Everything sounds familiar? Maybe, but let’s put this 10” split on our turntable and check it one more time. I can call California’s Fissure a good example of the modern hardcore/pv wave. Their sound is clear, … Continue reading Fissure / Shackles (Dead Heroes rec)

Meth Leppard / Minimum Wage Assassins

Let’s get ready for a party! This time on the turntable we have an Aussie vs. U.S. showdown that is sure to please, when Meth Leppard and Minimum Wage Assassins collide! Starting off with the cover art as we always do, we are presented with an image of what appears to be a shattered bust of a human face breaking into pieces. Diving into the musical side of things we are greeted with the Meth Leppard track Krokodil Dundee, and from its very opening it is clear these guys are not here to mess around. Each song is as much … Continue reading Meth Leppard / Minimum Wage Assassins