Atomçk – Every Room In Britain

So after 3 years of silence, our English croquet players are back to us with a brand new album. Hooray! I guess the main reason why I’m so interested in these guys is their uniqueness. In some unimaginable way Atomçk were able to curb their own insanity and turn it into music. Also (of course in my own opinion) this album stands out not only with the sound side, just take a look at this cover art. Luke Oram created something really interesting… I guess it’s his own view on expression of “our mind is our prison”. Well I must … Continue reading Atomçk – Every Room In Britain

Atomçk ‎– Never Work (Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records)

I’ve already lost count of how many times I said that the British people are extremely mad and resourceful in musical matters. British bands are very special and therefore they don’t usually have lots of fans. That Atomçk, for example, is definitely not for everyone. The guys from South Wales play very specific music. I do not know what lives in their heads, but it’s just very sick and evil. Guys break all possible limits, and they successfully mix sludge, grind, stoner, black metal and, of course, noise in their tracks. The theme of their songs is very social. Cover … Continue reading Atomçk ‎– Never Work (Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records)