Cryptink arts!

Okay boys and girls today I want to present you some of the Radek Pierscinski works. That shy guy play in bands such as Neuropathia, Dead Goats and Meat Spreader and also he making some gloomy magic with paints. Here is few work of him… As you can see he working in pretty dark genre (like almost artists, hehe), and all his things he makes only with his ow hands (in good old way). By the way if you trying to find a good artist for your band or if you want to see more of Radek stuff, then you should to … Continue reading Cryptink arts!

Grind arts from Douglas Correia!

Today I want to present you one interesting designer and illustrator from Brazil. Douglas Correia makes a pretty dark arts, and he is not well known in grind underground, but this guy have a talent. He fills his gloomy paintings with a dark atmosphere, also he real master in small detail. You can check more of his works HERE!  Continue reading Grind arts from Douglas Correia!

Infested Art!

GGGG continues to familiarize you with different grind artists. This time I want to draw your attention to a very nice guy Jasper Swerts. This guy stands behind famous Infested Art (and believe me, he knows how to draw badass arts). His works are characterized by their gloomy style. As you can see he worked with bands like Phobia, Wormrot, PLF, Fubar… etc. I strongly recommend to visit his WEBSITE! Continue reading Infested Art!