Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I was flooded with a huge load of releases and it’s took some time get this this small split – apologies to the label and bands! This split is presenting the extreme scene of UK, with its fast and slow sides… funny thing is, I tried to listen digital version of this split few times and every time I was bored to death. It sounds so blank and dry, must say I was unpleasantly surprised. BUT, the vinyl version sounds much better (thanks to the analog gods), it has life energy inside, so this small piece of black wax … Continue reading Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Art Of Burning Water / Nervous Mothers ‎

Receiving parcels from different labels remind me the old christmas times when I was opening gifts, and look what’s inside those boxes. The same feeling was when I got a big box from belgian Vleesklak Records. And among the other releases on the botom of the box I found this strange split. Design of this wax is pretty primitive but I realy like that! Empty inner side, info list and simple black vinyl… thats all. I’ll be honest both bands were unknown for me, I put this split on turntable without expecting anything. But I was totally wrong! And so… … Continue reading Art Of Burning Water / Nervous Mothers ‎