Hatefilled – Violent Disembowelment Of Hatred

Argentinian gore project Hatefilled is back with brand new songs! This is a 3d release in a few years and I really stocked to put it in my player. We have here 15 songs of the nasty and punching goregrind. It’s not a secret that the main influencer for this one-man band is Regurgitate. I won’t say that Hatefilled is a tribute band, hell no, but it has a lot of similar moments in their music. The cover art reminds me of some old horror movie posters, something from the 70-80th era. I believe that this piece was really taken … Continue reading Hatefilled – Violent Disembowelment Of Hatred

Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

This gore split was done in a totally DIY way – Two old freaks from different corners of the globe recorded their songs and put them together. The result is predictable; this noise is truly disgusting. The noise is loud and annoying (especially for my neighbors), but I will return to this a bit later. I want to stop at the design and art. Both sides have great creepy artwork, as the artists really conveyed the atmosphere of iconic horror movies (which is badass). As for the design, everything was printed with a home printer, but it looks nice. It’s … Continue reading Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

Endotoxaemia / Carnal Trash (Garbage Bondage Records)

Gore is the law! Today we will follow this nasty rule. Today`s victim is a smelly tape release with two good and interesting bands. Here is some info for you boys and girls… Both bands consist of only one human, so keep in mind all this noise came from only one dirty mind. Endotoxaemia is a creation of Vitaly Struchkov (Bryansk/Russia) and Carnal Trash is the ugly child of Christian Badia (Argentina). Both sides have 11 minutes of really filthy Goregrind. Now let’s open this rotten boil and let the pus free! So, first we have Endotoxaemia. The opening song, … Continue reading Endotoxaemia / Carnal Trash (Garbage Bondage Records)

En Negacion – s/t (Knochentapes)

Argentina is still an unknown country for me, I’m still not familiar with their scene (shame on me). But it seems that German Knochentapes know that, so they put this tape in the promo package. En Negacion is a bass violence band, they are based in beautiful Buenos Aires. Except the bass and drum players these amigos have 2 free singers (pretty insane huh?). They have been active around 3 or 4 years and in that time they’ve recorded and released a lot of stuff. Today I`ll be listening their self titled work… First of all I want to say … Continue reading En Negacion – s/t (Knochentapes)

Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs

The first thing that caught my attention in this release is a photo on the cover. Hell, I’ve seen a lot of things but such action I see for the first time. I do not know what kind of sick mind could come up with to harness the hippo in the wagon. Ahah, weird stuff))) On this split you will find a confluence of two strange powerful violence bands from Belgium and Argentina. Perhaps I’ll start from the Prisoner 639. With using only bass and drums the music of these guys that sounds very hard and noisy. Their powerful violence … Continue reading Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs