Ape Unit/Horsebastard

This split was released earlier in 2017, and what an absolute monster it is! Italian simian madness Ape Unit wanted to join forces with the UK’s finest Equestrian blast factory, and boy did they deliver! Just starting with the cover art alone you’re immediately intrigued. Depicting a Half Horse Human Hybrid and a Chimpanzee at a table loaded with drugs,food and booze on a background of psychidelic colors and patterns. On to what we are really here for, the music! Starting with the superbly named Apey side of the split we are greeted with eerie riffs and pounding drums, only … Continue reading Ape Unit/Horsebastard


Born in Cuneo (Northern Italy) in Summer 2008, featuring two members from Italian brutal death band Septycal Gorge, Ape Unit has always been focused on mixing grinding powerviolence, speed and noisy dissonant riffs, inspired by well-known acts such as Terrorizer, Siege and early Napalm Death, with sparks of insanity brought by bands like The Jesus Lizard and Arab on Radar. After an appearance on some compilation, they release their first EP, Albert, in 2010. After some line up changes, in September 2012 a DIY conspiracy allows the monkey collective to release their first album, Unforgivable Holidays, under coproduction of TADCA Records … Continue reading APE UNIT!