Back on Tracks Records!

Back on Track’s Records is a label and distro active since 2006, originally created to release the first CD of my band, Imminent Chaos, I continued with other releases, such as Jobcrusher and Jesus Cröst. We release bands in the metal/hardcore, crustcore, metalpunk, grindcore, noisecore and similar genres inside punk. I love music, hate definitions… We kindly request homophobics, sexists, racists, right wing pricks, neonazis, ultranationalists to fuck off and avoid contact. CONTACTS: Facebook page Official site CATALOG: Agathocles / Peia Braba – split cd Mácula / Seeds In Barren Fields – split cd Agathocles – Lords Of Armageddon – … Continue reading Back on Tracks Records!

Imminent Destruction Records!

Hardcore Punk label from UK, started in 2012. Specialises in producing new and unknown bands from all over the world. Musical styles constantly vary and have included crust, post-punk, hardcore, noise, grind, D-Beat, street punk, death metal, anarcho punk Contacts:Imminent Destruction fbImminent Destruction bc Imminent Destruction blog Imminent Destruction bigcartelReleases:ALEA IACTA EST / RAS – SPLIT 7” – ID-001VENDETTA – VENDETTA 7” – ID-002V/A – ACCELERATION TO DOOMSDAY 7” – ID-003AGGRASTAT – NOISE EXTERMINATION 7”- ID-04PROXY – SOMETHING WE’VE ALL SEEN BEFORE LP – ID-05V/A – A ROAR OF INDIGNATION LP – ID-06VIOLENT PARTY – POISON MIXERS 12″- ID-07PANDEMIA – MODERN … Continue reading Imminent Destruction Records!