Agents Of Abhorrence ‎– Earth.Water.Sun (Analog Freaks Records)

Wow, this 10 inch looks really gorgeous… So let’s take a deep breath and get down to business. Earth.Water.Sun was originally released 10 years ago (fuck, time goes by so fast). This time the mini album has been re-released by Slovakian Analog Freaks records. Believe me those guys are really mad and crazy (in a good way of course). All of their releases have been hand-made, including this one, in which all of the polygraphy has been painted by hand (they are real freaks, hahaha). All of the 300 copies have been handmade and all copies have been hand numbered … Continue reading Agents Of Abhorrence ‎– Earth.Water.Sun (Analog Freaks Records)

Analog Freaks Records!

We are Analog Freaks Records – survivors of the digital age. We love cracking of the vinyl and buzzing of the tapes. We decided to go against the stream of just downloading music from the Internet. Therefore, we joined the army of labels preserving these classic analogue formats, because we think they are essential for the d.i.y. underground. We strongly believe in d.i.y. spirit and this policy is also reflected in the package of our releases. We try to dedicate most of our time and effort until they look perfect, but still have a personal imprint to it. We are analog freaks. Take it … Continue reading Analog Freaks Records!

DRNSMS – Prvý nájeb tape (Analog Freaks Records)

This one is hundred percent Slovakian: from release to band personel, it managed to see the light of a day by the effort of the Analog Freaks Records. The band features SMS line-up and some guy nicknamed Drén (Erik Ochránek). These seven minutes are hard to specify as a split, this is more of collaborative effort. The result is kind of surprising: this is more harsher recording then your SMS noisegrind: a pulsating wall of noise bonded to agony screams and indecipherable drum set bashing, this audio is poisonous! It’s a mixture of synth and “live” noise. I am sure … Continue reading DRNSMS – Prvý nájeb tape (Analog Freaks Records)

New Sedem Minut Strachu tape out now on Analog freaks records!

Undoubtedly, middle age crisis is an issue for many aging men. Weight is going up, hair is falling out and people start thinking about their life. Some buy a motorcycle, take up golf, or break up with their wife and end up with a teenage girlfriend. Three onion worshippers from 7 Minút Strachu decided to fight it with annihilating noise. With just two bass guitars and drums, they create noise core which holds no hostages. They´ve existed for three years and put out shitloads of releases, played lots of gigs and even played at OEF. In a few days, they´re going to tour … Continue reading New Sedem Minut Strachu tape out now on Analog freaks records!