At first this split attracts attention with its own design. It was a great idea to use ancient an Australian predator for the cover art. Trash on the bottom looks great too, the surfboard and skateboard with all those band stickers… man thats a really nice view. But let’s end with all these visual things and lets listen the noise Always Never FunThe first side of this split is populated by loud crashing tunes from Global ANF. This young band has big ambitions and also these guys have a fire. Their music is mostly extreme hardcore (But it does not … Continue reading ANF/PowerXchuck

Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun

Waa, what I’ve got! Fresh Italian band – Always Never Fun with their self-titled album! The wave of powerviolence has blown up from pole to pole with great impetuosity and left post-apocalyptic hell behind! What’s interesting is that I couldn’t find any demo of this band on internet , so they started with solid piece of work indeed! Actually, it could have turned out to be an undue risk…but, in this case it morphed into a pretty good job. I never expected the package from Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec would be that large-sized… I was very surprised with the ample quantity of releases, … Continue reading Always Never Fun ‎– Always Never Fun