ACxDC/Chiens (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Sometimes I am surprised how such a small and short splits can contain so much anger… From one side we got a pretty famous American Antichrist Demon core and from other strong and craziest French guys Chiens, both bands will show to you different sides of extreme underground music. So let’s start with 2 songs from California with pals that is called ACxDC. Their songs are short, aggressive and performed in a modern hardcore way (with the addition of some other ingredients). Here you will hear many of characteristic swinging rhythms which are so lovely to use in nowadays hardcore … Continue reading ACxDC/Chiens (Regurgitated Semen Records)

ACxDC / Disparo! (Here And Now!)

You probably can’t find any disadvantages of this split’s artwork. The artist had made fun of anything as much as possible. He threw some shit on massons, christianity, also the faith in Velzevul, this is a rare funny shit. And behind this funny cover two good bands from two enormous continents are hiding. Americans Antichrist Demoncore are becoming very popular, though I have tried to understand why, I couldn’t. Guys play excelent fast and agressive hardcore (and on this record we can feel some powerviolence). There is a lot of various tempo pieces. Slow, rocking, also ultra-fast moments (somehow with … Continue reading ACxDC / Disparo! (Here And Now!)