Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)

Oh boy this cassette is so badass. I guess every gore freak must have this one because it`s one of the best gore releases of last decade! “A Symphony Of Death Rattles” contains 12 bands from all around our fucking world. This creepy art was made by Pierre De Palmas. This strange face reminds me moment from old horror movies (I know that Pierre is a big fan of these stuff). Also this french maniac begin this gore story with his Blue Holocaust project. Everything starts after the spooky intro… vomiting songs with dirty sound and gurgling roars. Good old … Continue reading Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)


Active Stenosis is a one-man machine-driven goregrind formation from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2009, AS starts by splitting a cdr with russian noisecore act Pissdeads delivering a barrage of 20 unlistenable noisy tracks, afterwards changing it’s style to a : approximately structured goregrind. From 2010 to 2012 some free download compilation of unreleased tracks and split-tapes with Hyperemesis and Meatus saw the light of the day. In 2013 AS delivers a 19-track EP called “Final Histopathology Report” which is released by the band itself and few other CIS diy labels (re-released on pro-tape in 2015 by Cadaverous Dissolution) and contributes … Continue reading ACTIVE STENOSIS!